I was often referred to as "Nick The Comeback Guy" because I was able to go from $21,000 in debt with broken English to founding 6 multinational companies in 23 countries in 14 years. I guess I know a thing or two about how to initiate change in life. After receiving many requests from members of my courses and followers of this blog, I have decided to make the f...

I believe to achieve peak performance in our work and life, we need to proactively manage three things effectively:

  • Time

  • Tasks

  • Health

Here are my 6 secrets to managing these three things on a daily basis. 

1. Treat your calendar as a sacred place 

Only put things you HAVE TO complete for the day in your calendar. Otherwise put them in our to-do list....

Like many of you, I was very afraid of public speaking. Who am I kidding? I still am.

Living in a foreign country, giving a presentation in a language that is not my mother-tongue makes things 100 times harder.

Over the past 14 years, however, I never gave up on improving my public speaking skills and confidence. For two years straight, I used to practice famous sp...

What do Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Steven Spielberg have in common, other than that they are all famous? 

They are all introverts.

In fact, there is a long list of successful people who were/are introverts: Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, and yes, Barack Obama.

One third of the popu...

For many business owners, one of the biggest challenges is separating their work from their family and social life. The following are six proven strategies to keep your home life running smoothly while keeping your business on track.

1. First, create a work schedule and stick with it

It may be tempting to answer personal calls during the day or take business calls...

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