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"I will create profitable PPC campaigns for you
from start to finish in 60 days, guaranteed."

Jumpstart your PPC business today by signing up for our ETVM Project 2016 Program. I will:

Find Winning Affiliate Offers

Select Relevant Negative Keywords

Decide Ad Group and Keyword Bids

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Identify Profitable Keywords

Write Effective Ad Copies

Optimize Your Campaigns for 2 Months

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You don't have to worry about a thing.

Client's Success Story: $30,023 in 4 Months!

With Easy TV Money, I have had my first:


$100 day
$200 day


Also my first:

$500 month
$1,000 month
$2,000 month

I am making my way towards a full time income. Thanks Nick!

- Robert Noon

My life has completely changed. This gave me my first $100 day in a long time as well as my first $1,000 week. In fact, using the techniques I learned within 6 months of doing Easy TV Money I started to bring in $1-$2,000 a day with PPC.


This course is priceless.

- Thomas Witek

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Your cost is determined by the number of campaigns you order. The more campaigns you order , the cheaper the cost per campaign is. 


Here are the prices:


1-9 campaigns: $250 per campaign
10-19 campaigns: $245 per campaign
20-29 campaigns: $240 per campaign
30-49 campaigns: $235 per campaign
50-99 campaigns: $230 per campaign
100+ campaigns: $225 per campaign


Q: Can I order a different number of campaigns not listed here?


A: Yes. Please send me the number of campaigns you'd like to order using our Contact Us form.


Q: What is the process?


A: Here is the process:


The whole process takes 2 months. Here are the steps


  1. Once you send your payment, your spot will be reserved.

  2. You send me your affiliate network login information and your Bing Ads account number.

  3. I request to link to your Bing Ads account.

  4. You accept the link request to your Bing Ads account. This is the beginning of the 2 months period.

  5. I select good affiliate offers in your affiliate network(s) and create your PPC campaigns.

  6. I manage your campaigns for the remaining of the 2 months

  7. I completely hand over your PPC campaigns to you at the 2-month mark.


Q: What do I need to do?


A: You will need to apply for at least one affiliate network. I will provide the list of affiliate networks for your to apply. During the 2 months period, I may ask you to apply for additional affiliate networks. But other than that, you do not have to do a thing.


Q: What if I can't get into an affiliate network?


A: I will provide proven steps to take to get accepted into almost any affiliate networks.


Q: What happens after 2 months?


A: The campaigns will be completely handed over to you after 2 months. The campaigns would have been fully optimized by me, you shouldn't have too much to worry about. However, I highly recommend that your monitor your campaigns based on what you have learned in the course. Check to make sure the affiliate offers are still active in your affiliate networks and continue to adjust keyword bids and improve your ad copies.


Q: What if my campaigns are not profitable after 2 months?


A: You will be fully refunded for campaigns that are not profitable at the 2-month mark. You will still pay for campaigns that are profitable.

Q: What is a "profitable" campaign?


A: A campaign is profitable if its earnings are greater than its ad spend. Please note that the fee you pay for each campaign in this program does NOT count towards your ad spend.


Q: What's your refund policy?


A: You are qualified for a full refund if your campaigns are not profitable at the end of the 2-months period - no questions asked. You will still pay for campaigns that are profitable and only be refunded for campaigns that are not profitable. For the definition of a profitable campaign, please refer to the previous question.

Q: What else do I need to know?


A: With your permission, I can create new campaigns to replace the campaigns that are losing money with additional time that we both agree with.



Additional questions? Please contact us here.

Sign up for ETVM Project 2016

I am a real person trying to make money from home. I lost my daughter to a very rare disease called Alstrom Syndrome and it has just shut my life completely down. I was not able to return to work. I hardly ever leave my house. My first goal is to make enough money for a certain tombstone that I want for my daughter.

Since I have started Nick's program....I am feeling real blessed that I may be able to purchase this expensive tombstone for her with my profits. That is what I am working real hard to's all thanks to Nick's system. THANK YOU NICK!

- Pam Jackson

Nick, just wanted to say Thank You! So far, I've made a little over 2K dollars (profit) from following your course! I generated about $4k of revenue and spent about $2K on, ROI of 100%.

- Scott Busch

I finally made my first sales with this system! In the last three days 9 campaigns made 3 sales + 1 OTO for ClickBank products. Together these sales account for $129.53.

The cost for the clicks are $38.19 that's an ROI of 339,17%. Now I will setup more campaigns and need to learn how to optimize the bids.

A big Thank You to Nick!

- Chris Krapp

Nick still has the best PPC system I have seen and I am really going to live or die by his method.

- James Nobles


This is beyond my wildest dreams! I just received two checks for $2123.36 for the month of December. I still can't believe it. Nick, you are the first person that actually helped me make money in 3 years. Thank you!

- Mark Bradley, New York, New York

I am so impressed with Nick as a person first of all and the program that he has put together. This is one of the few programs that I have actually made money with and in a relatively short period of time. I really like the way Nick put this together, very easy to follow.

-Jean Cauthorn, Jersey City, New Jersey

Nick's program is SOLID. After two months, I am now at $150 pure profit per day. Overall ROI is around 160%. I am working to increase that while scaling up my business. Thank you, Nick! You have open a whole new world for me!

- James Ruggles, Newcastle, England

Other mentors charge 5X the price for a similar program. The program works due to its simplicity, straightforwardness and meeting its goal - which is to help clients build a successful business in 30 days. I did it with Dr. Chou's help! Amazing program!

- Artturi Lipsanen, Finland

This, in my personal opinion, is the fastest and easiest way to make money. As I said, I have seen (and created) tons of products on how to make money from home. This to me was a breath of fresh air to actually see a tactic that worked fast, and that I could begin using it to make money within hours of application. Nice job Nick! Your system simply works!

- Alan Palmer, Akron, Ohio

Nick has done a great job of laying out a program that even a rank beginner can follow. He really put a lot of time and energy into getting it right, and his passion, dedication and commitment clearly shows through. Nick is also personally very responsive to questions, and open to input and suggestions. That bodes well for the future! I give it 5 outta 5 stars.Nick, thank you for such a fantastic program, for helping others to succeed and for your honesty and integrity.

- Leman Wang, Beijing, China


We work with both businesses and individuals. Here is a small list of companies we worked with in the past 3 years..


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