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Actually neither. 


My legal name is Zhaohui Zhou (周朝辉 in Chinese). "Zhaohui" means "sunlight in the morning" and "Zhou" means "circle" or "week". My parents picked this name because I was born early in the morning.

The second I arrived in the US in 2001, I quickly realized that NO ONE would ever be able to say my name correctly, I then decided to pick Nicholas/Nick to be my English name. My wife and all my friends in the US know me as Nick Zhou.


Back in 2010 when I was registering my personal website, I noticed domain names like and were all taken. I decided to pick Nick Chou as my name for my Internet Marketing business because the domain name was still available, and "Chou" and "Zhou" in Chinese are the same word. (Chou is Cantonese Chinese and Zhou is Mandarin Chinese.)

I know this has caused some confusion so hope this little note can help.

-Zhaohui Zhou, a.k.a. Nick Chou and Nick Zhou


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