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Brand Building and Cows

Brand Building and Cows

How would you feel if you were branded as the guy who accidentally burned down a dormitory with a toaster? To think that you’ve always been a good and law-abiding citizen?

For cattle, the branding can be an equally unforgettable experience. Cowboys use a hot branding iron to burn a mark on a cow’s body. This mark, being “everlasting,” is used to identify ownership of the cattle, and yes, make sure the cows won’t get stolen.

Branding is equally important in the internet marketing world. If you were to embark on an online business without knowing how to present yourself, you would be like a dot in a sea of nameless faces, a needle in a haystack, with millions of people probably also thinking the same thing.

Branding and Your Identity

You own it. You’re known by it.

There are people who bear names that are either coincidentally or intentionally very appropriate for their chosen business or profession. Jill Hill – Mountaineer. Mike Armstrong – Bodybuilder. Robert Cook – Chef.

In internet marketing, your brand goes beyond your name. It’s not coincidental. It’s a conscious effort, something that you plan and work on. (Well, maybe it’s an exception if you’re Chinese and you sell dumplings.)

Get a Concept and Realize It

What sort of business do you want to venture into? How would you like to be known? (I want to be known as Nick the Comeback Guy.) Make sure you know everything you need to know. Dress up your business according to your concept.

Branding and Your Image

What sort of people does your business cater to?

If you sew apparel for members of the upper-class, it can be said that you cater to the sophisticated market. Your image involves the impact your business has on people. For instance, when they hear your brand name, they may think, “That’s the company that offers excellent service.”

There are brand names that become household names; others go flop. Your image has a lot to do with your reputation. Sometimes, you can’t escape it. Yes, your reputation. Twenty years and more, your kindergarten classmates still remember you as “Flabby”. But sometimes, it can also be revocable, like you showing up at your reunion with six-pack abs.

Branding and Your Whole Package

All things; the look, the talk, the product, the presentation, the marketing etc…must work together into a single, unified idea for your brand, quite like having the complete ingredients to perfect a dish.

However, some businesses like to demonstrate versatility. They’re not necessarily Jacks of all trades but masters of none. Some restaurants which are known for pizza make great pasta, too.

It’s just like a movie that’s too great it has a sequel – and five more on the way. Or a TV series with a character who becomes more popular than the lead actor he gets his own series. A spin-off!

Stand Out

It will do your business a lot of good. People must be able to distinguish you from the rest as if you were like a good singer with a distinct voice. Contrast that to a good singer who sounds like everyone else. Who gets the vote?

You may wonder, “In this anything-goes world, is there room for me to be unique? Well, you don’t have to be totally different to succeed, but you do need to be creative.

Five minutes late, and the pizza’s free.

Unlimited Noodles for Celebrants!

In a way, being a “sore thumb” pays. Go build your brand. Make a cattle mark on people’s minds.


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