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How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

When you sell a product or offer a service, you just don’t come forward and offer your product or service on a platter and expect followers to mushroom all over the place. Okay, let’s assume you have a great product, but then quality isn’t everything. A lot of factors come into play to achieve best-seller status.

The quality of your product is NOT the sole determiner of your success. Customer service is another important factor.

What Is Customer Service and Why It Is Important

This may seem like an obvious question but there is actually more to it. Customer service is providing services to customers and potential customers before and after they purchase your product.

  • Answer their questions

  • See to it that they are happy with or are going to be happy with their purchase

  • Keep them well-informed about your product

  • Get feedback from your customers

  • Be courteous, approachable, and accommodating.

Convincing people to buy your product means you have to be convincing. Credibility is especially important because it builds confidence in your product among potential customers. You may not be marketing your image per se, but your image is part of the marketing.

Confidence brings more sales – as confidence can result to word-of-mouth advertising.

The fundamental purpose of customer service is to build trust and loyalty. Providing “good” customer service is not enough. We need to provide excellent customer service.

How to Handle Customer Service Effectively

Here are some tips I use to make customer service a little easier:

  • Collect commonly asked questions and build a Frequently Asked Questions section or a knowledge base for customers and potential customers.

  • Build a support ticket system. You can still use email, but modern support ticket systems provide more features such as knowledge base, canned responses, assigning tickets to users, etc. A great free support ticket system with the knowledge base feature is Hesk.

  • Build a members-only forum, so paid customers can discuss about your product.

  • Respond to customer emails within 1 to 2 business days. Outsource if necessary. You can outsource on Upwork, Freelancer or Guru.

My Own Customer Service Story – What I Did With Easy TV Money

Finally, talk about my own experience with launching Easy TV Money. I did not outsource customer service. Everyday, I spent hours responding to customers’ emails. I went the extra mile to help everyone – even someone who hadn’t paid for my product. The result? The product became one of the most popular WSOs (Warrior Special Offer) on WarriorForum, the most popular internet marketing forum.

After a few months, there are about 80,000 results on Google about “easy TV money” and 44,000 results about “ez TV money.” The WSO thread became one of the most popular WSO threads EVER on WarriorForum and the one-time offer (OTO) had one of the highest, if not the highest, conversion rates in the history of WSO launches on the forum.

Right now, people are still talking good things about the product. They are also asking me when my next WSO will come out and saying they look forward to buying it.

Excellent customer service takes time but will eventually pay off. It boosts confidence and credibility and attracts more followers to your product. The end results are more sales and profit. It’s not just about answering FAQs, but also ensuring that your customers are happy with their purchase.

Customer service is a give-and-take relationship. People patronize your product. In return, see to it that they are satisfied and know what they need to know about your product.

Always go the extra mile to help your customers. Every extra minute of your time spent helping a customer will eventually pay off. This customer will become your loyal follower and promote your product, sort of campaign for you. Call it free advertising.



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