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Best Books and Resources for Email Marketing (Updated for 2017)

Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective marketing method time and time again. So if you are not building an email list, you are putting A LOT OF money on the table—not to mention that email list is critical for building a sustainable business.

(If you are not convinced yet of the amazing power of email marketing, read this case study of how I made $156,000+ by just sending out 5 emails.)

If you are ready to take email marketing seriously, here is the list of my favorite resources for you to get started.

By Ian Brodie

In Email Persuasion, marketing expert Ian Brodie reveals the techniques that are working right now to allow professionals and small businesses to connect with potential clients, build trust-based relationships and generate more sales through email.

Inside the book you'll discover:

  • The Customer Insight Mapping technique for building deep understanding of what your clients need and what will motivate them to buy from you.

  • 6 surefire subject line models that will get your emails opened and read.

  • The "optin formula" for getting the right people to subscribe to your emails (and how to accelerate the growth of your subscriber list).

  • How to engage AND persuade with your emails so that you build a loyal 'fan base' ready to buy from you.

  • The advanced techniques for turning email subscribers into paying clients (and why accepted wisdom on selling in emails is almost all wrong).


By Matthew Paulson

Digital marketing expert Matthew Paulson has organically grown an email list of more than 400,000 investors and generates more than $2 million per year in revenue using the strategies outlined in Email Marketing Demystified. Regardless of what kind of business you are building, email marketing can serve as the rocket fuel that that will skyrocket your business.

In Email Marketing Demystified, Matthew Paulson reveals the strategies and techniques that top email marketers are currently using to build large mailing lists, write compelling copy that converts and generate millions in revenue using their email lists.

Inside the book, you'll learn how to:

  • Build a massive mailing list using 15 different proven list building techniques.

  • Write compelling copy that engages your readers and drives them to take action.

  • Optimize every step of your email marketing funnel to skyrocket your sales.

  • Grow a highly-engaged and hungry fan-base that will devour your content.

  • Create six new revenue streams for your business using email marketing.

  • Keep your messages out of the spam folder by following our best practices.


By Chad White

Email marketing offers unparalleled reach, acceptance, and effectiveness. It's also a well-established channel with well-defined behaviors and norms. Email Marketing Rules is your guide to understanding the best practices of this complex, often misunderstood channel as you craft the best executions for your brand. After breaking email marketing down into 120 easy-to-understand rules, Chad White then reassembles them around key concepts and principles, including how to...

  • Secure the right level of permission to maximize acquisition efforts while protecting your sender reputation

  • Create relevant messaging using savvy design techniques and smart targeting

  • Optimize list growth by finding and retaining high-value subscribers

  • Maximize subscriber lifetime value by addressing their needs during all six stages of the subscriber lifecycle

  • Maintain stellar deliverability by understanding your responsibilities and those of your ESP


By DJ Waldow and Jason Falls

Email has changed. Email users have changed. To get breakthrough results, you must break the rules. Discover radically better ways to handle every facet of your campaign: lists, From names, Subject lines, calls to action, social network integration, and everything else. Learn how to:

  • Discover which email marketing “rules” are obsolete--and when to break the rest

  • Optimize every component of your message and campaign

  • Drive list growth that translates directly into the top line

  • Encourage opt-in by systematically simplifying signup

  • Bring real humor and creativity back into your email

  • Write a great main call to action--and great secondary and tertiary calls, too

  • Take full advantage of tools ranging from QR codes to texting to grow your email list

  • Make better technical decisions about prechecked opt-in boxes and other attributes

  • Know when to deliberately introduce “imperfections” into your emails

  • Use email marketing and social media to power each other

  • Prepare for the short- and long-term futures of email marketing


By Nathalie Lussier

In this email marketing manual, you’ll take small daily actions that add up to big email list growth over 30 days. Each chapter covers a list building topic that will help you bring in more of your ideal clients and customers, so you can grow your online business. Here’s what you can expect from following the advice contained in this book:

  • Doubling or even tripling your email subscriber list, and in turn increasing your bottom line

  • Getting more of the right people on your marketing list, so you’re sending targeted messages that convert to sales

  • Putting simple list building activities on autopilot, so you’ll never run out of fresh prospects to market to

  • Writing a series of email autoresponders that help you turn these new subscribers into fans and customers from the get go


Here are the email marketing software/autoresponders I recommend:

Here are some additional resources I recommend:


Get my proven system to building a business that will last:

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