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Top Earning Pinterest Users

When it comes to social media, Pinterest has slowly become one of the fastest emerging platforms on the internet. Unlike other social media websites, the focus of Pinterest is on the content rather than on the person actually posting. There are no celebrity accounts, and there are no clickbaity links, or in-site links to apps and games. Pinterest offers a style coined as social scrapbooking, wherein users employ a bookmarklet style of posting pictures and images on niche folders called boards.

One of the many reasons why people are attracted to Pinterest is that the content is posted by everyday people and artists rather than celebrities. The accounts gain popularity when the content is good, which is often the reverse for other social media platforms. As you will notice, most of the top bloggers on Pinterest are not household names, and most of them actually prefer to be inconspicuous. But this is the preferred style of a typical Pinner (Pinterest user) and they promote and follow users that feature their style and brand of content. With that being said, here are the current top Pinterest Users.


Joy Cho / Oh Joy!

Topic: Design/Food

Followers: 12.8 million

Joy Cho has emerged as one of the biggest design stars on Pinerest, if not the entire internet. If you have spent time scouring through Pinterest, you are sure to have stumbled upon one or two of her unique creations. Her brand Oh Joy! has been used to license product lines, lifestyle websites, and her own personal blog on Tumblr. The Oh Joy! brand focuses on "design, fashion, food and other joyful moments in life." Cho has written three bestselling books, and has consulted on hundreds of businesses all over the world. She was also a keynote speaker at Pinterest HQ, Target HQ, the Alt Summit, and many more.


Maryann Rizzo

Topic: Architecture/Design

Followers: 9.1 million

As mentioned above, one of the stark differences between Pinterest and other social media sites is how the focus is more on the content, rather than on the user. This is none more obvious than with Maryann Rizzo, who has quietly become the second most popular account on the website. Ms. Rizzo shares little, if any, personal information about herself, but maintains an active online presence and contributes a lot of content for her followers (close to 100,000 pins and 300 boards).


Bekka Palmer

Topic: Photography/Design

Followers: 8.6 million

Bekka Palmer is another name that you may not be familiar with if you do not frequent Pinterest pages, but she has quite a following on the website. Her photographs and her keen eye for visuals has earned her over 8 million followers. Palmer is also noted for creating great boards with amazing visuals and charming synergy. Palmer was even paid to take her friends to Disneyland as long as she posted her pics of the trip afterwards.



Topic: DIY/Design/Entertainment

Followers: 8.2 million

The Poppytalk account on Pinterest is actually a spin-off of the popular Poppytalk design blog that featured DIY and design blog posts. Poppytalk is the brain child of creators Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson, who founded their original blog in 2005, but the married couple decided that they wanted to experience a more interactive means of sharing their ideas. Their tutorials and DIY guides are a mix of the inventive, creative, and sensible as they provide insightful content on what they call "the beautiful, the decayed, and the handmade."


Cathy Hong

Topic: Calligraphy/Design/Decor/Fashion

Followers: 8.1 million

Cathie Hong's humble beginnings was as a calligrapher and an Etsy (custom stamps) shop owner. But this stay-at-home mom needed an outlet for her energy and creativity, which led her to Pinterest, where she could share her ideas and her creative musings. Today, with the seemingly overnight success of her Pinterest blog (over 8 million followers), she now uses that creativity to put together great posts and fascinating boards of her unique crafts, designs, and decors.


Jane Wang

Topic: Food/Travel/Design

Followers: 7.9 million

Jane Wang's story is a unique one, in that her son is actually one of the co-founders of the Pinterest website. But that's not to say that that's the only reason for her success. Her unique boards, eccentric tastes, and quirky boards (some of the most popular ones are Boards on Rocking Chairs, Iowa, and Octopus) make her one of the most interesting pinners in the entire website, pulling in close to 8 million followers from all over the world.


Bonnie Tsang

Topic: Photography/Style

Followers: 7.1 million

Bonnie Tsang is a professional photographer with a keen eye for portraits, fashion, and style. This great sense of taste translated well into her Pinterest account where she has well over 7 million followers. Her beautiful designs and gorgeous boards has earned her the distinction as one of the best curators in Pinterest, a title she uses in her role as a visual consultant for photography and social media. Her boards are more than just fashion curated content, she also pins about food, books, movies and cute things.


Pejper//Anna K.

Topic: Photography/Lifetyle

Followers: 6.9 million

Pejper/Anna's boards offer striking pictures and stunning imagery with the use of a simplistic and minimalist style of photography. The account, which is run by Swedes Sophia and Anna K, features a very contrasting style, namely boarding and posting wonderful and unique visuals. As different as it may be from the color splashes of most Pinterest users in this list, its still dynamic enough to hold the interest of close to 7 million followers.


Molly Pickering

Topic: Photography/ Lifetyle/Fashion

Followers: 6.9 million

Molly Pickering has one of the most straightforward accounts in this list. Put simply, Molly pins and boards what she likes and what she finds interesting. Which in most cases are simple visuals that range from her home, fashion, dogs, and screencaps of her favorite movies/actors. But her posts are anything but simple. She takes time to curate eye-catching photographs and interesting visuals. And simple may it be, it was enough to resonate with close to 7 million followers.


Honestly WTF

Topic: DIY/Crafts/Travel

Followers: 6 million

HonestlyWTF is one of best sources for amazing visuals on Pinterest. Their quest to post “anything extraordinary” that makes them say “Honestly…WTF?!!?!” can be seen in their work, with how they choose their content and meticulously assemble their boards. HonestlyWTF is run by Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny, and features more than 80 unique boards and 24 thousand pins. Good enough to rake in a little over 6 million followers.


Jennie Twoshoes

Topic: Fashion/Arts/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.9 million

Jennie Twoshoes is one of the most interesting Pinners in the website. Her interests are a mix of the fascinating, the beautiful, the obscure, and the absurd. But they are certainly very interesting. Jennie describes herself in the website as an "artist, musician and Jack of all trades, lover of interesting things." and that shows with a mix of boards that add up to 95 different kinds of boards full of captivating images. Among her most interesting boards include the "Blur" board and the "Painted Faces" board.


Jessica Comingore

Topic: Arts/Interior Design

Followers: 4.9 million

Jessica Comingore's Pinterest account is a simple yeat beautiful blog about interior designs and great artistic shots. Comingore is a designer and an art director who resides in Los Angeles, where she runs her own art studio. Comingore, the designer, has a very distinct style that you can see in the boards that she posts. While most are of interior designs and artistic shots of rooms she has curated, there are also boards about travel, photography and nature.



Topic: Photography/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.8 million

synapse* is an intriguing account in that all you can learn from his/her profile is that the blogger could be from Portugal, and the motivation behind the account is to 'get inspired'. There are several boards that contrast and contradict each other (for instance a board about interiors and design, and another about a soft kitten). But nevertheless, all of the content on the account is beautiful and well placed. It's one of the best examples of why Pinterest is one of the most interesting social media accounts out there.


Rachel Turnbull

Topic: Lifestyle/Photography

Followers: 4.8 million

Rachel Turnbull, form Scotland, is a great example of how a Pinterest user can be specific and still be diverse with the content that they present. On her blog, she has a definite inclination towards literature and reading (I enjoy a good book [also the odd trashy one]), but she does also explore other interesting pieces such as nature, animals, and interesting people. One of the most distinct characteristics of her Pinterest account is her attraction to colorful and vivid images, even with her text and quote boards.


Sha Hwang

Topic: Art/Architecture/Design

Followers: 4.7 million

Sha Hwang’s account is also a mix of his interest (architecture) and images and photos that are different as they are interesting. Most of his boards are of the physical world and the grand structures that we create (and also that nature creates). But Hwang is a very diverse blogger, with boards that cover everything from cuteness to the universe and memes. Hwang currently has his own website, where he promotes most of his online work.


Kathy's Little Things

Topic: Photography/Fashion/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.7 million

Kathie’s little things is a great blog that offers an assortment of quaint and charming posts that range from decadent desserts to couture fashion. There are also several different boards that when put together, shows the distinct pleasing and sunny personality of Kathie herself. One of the most followed boards on her blog is the “Fabulous Taste” blog where she has posted the most jaw-dropping selection of different foods.


wedding chicks

Topic: Weddings

Followers: 4.5 million

While most Pinterest accounts are definitely diverse, there are also accounts that stick to a specific niche. And one of the most popular niches in the Pinterest network is weddings. One of the most followed wedding blogs in Pinterest is wedding chicks. The account has several boards that cover most aspects that occur before, during, and after a wedding. This includes lighting, cakes, invitations, proposals and much more. The team behind the site has also launched their own website, where users can avail of fashion tips and wedding plans.


Amanda Livesay

Topic: Food

Followers: 4.5 million

Speaking of specific niches, Amanda Livesay’s own Pinterest account is an example of how to focus on one topic and present it well. Her site is an extension of her food blogging, where she posts among the most amazing images of gastronomic delights. While food is definitely her peg, she also has posts on her other interest such as travel, fitness, and her favorite pet pictures. Among her most popular boards are those of her favorite recipes and food images (smores!). Livesay also has her own website, where she posts her own recipes, pictures, and favorites.


Trey Ratcliff

Topic: Travel

Followers: 4.4 million

Trey Ratcliffe’s Pinterest account is full of several different boards, but the ones that stand out the most are his images from his travels from all over the world. Ratcliffe has been everywhere from France and New Zealand, to China and Hawaii, and the images he takes back and posts are stunning. Ratcliffe also offers other boards topics, such as food and his favorite photographs, but the images from his travels are what get people to follow his Pins.


janelle w.

Topic: Food/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.4 million

Janelle describes herself at a “collector of cookbooks and passport stamps”, but her Pinterest reflects a dedicated intent on crafting the most delectable food boards in Pinterest. Not only does Janelle have loads of boards about food, but she has specific boards that focus on specific parts or aspects such as recipes, cooking, and different kinds of cuisine. Janelle also has her own site and blog, where she posts about her other gastronomic adventures.


Lauren Zwanziger

Topic: Art/Fashion/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.4 million

Lauren Zwanziger’s blog is a mix of style, design, and travel. Most of her boards are inspired by her travels all over the world, but she also spends time to create boards about fashion, design, food, and other artistic endeavors. Most of her images are of her own, and she takes great shots, not just of the places that she visit, but also of the locations and the people that she encounters. You can see a more personal side of Zwanziger in her own blog and site.


April and May

Topic: Art/Photography/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.3 million

April and May is another account that focuses on the visual aesthetics and the stunning images that can be created from everyday mundane objects. While most of them are of projects and images captured on the go, they are also offering most of their designs and items for sale. The tagline for their entire blog is that it is “the world’s catalog of ideas”, and the slogan of the blog is “WE CREATE. WE INSPIRE. WE CURATE”. You can also check out their other projects and item on display at their own websit


Paula Coop McCrory

Topic: Art/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.3 million

Paula Coop McCrory is another account that presents great visuals with shots of designs, fashion, and style. There are a lot of boards that have amazing images of people, places, food, and movies. While her interests are diverse, there is a common theme of amazing and colorful visuals. McCrory describes herself in the blog as “a visual artist. lover of detail, time, creativity + color. creator of the bella clava bunnies.” which is a great description of her tastes and overall outlook in life.


Irene Turner: Sonoma Style

Topic: Art/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.3 million

With Irene Turner’s blog, we have a very distinct and specific style with her pins and boards; in fact she even places her preferred style along with her name: Irene Turner Sonoma Style. The Sonoma style is a very West Coast-Californian style, with natural lighting and bright colors, usually outdoors, in open fields or vineyards. There are also a lot of boards with architecture and design in her own signature style. Turner describes her blog as “In #SonomaCounty you don't just buy a home, you get a quality of life. I can help you find IT and create IT! #LuxuryRealEstate & #InteriorDesign #SonomaStyle”, as she promotes her business and the Sonoma style of living.


Eve Hogue

Topic: Photography/Nature

Followers: 4.3 million

With Eve Hogue’s blog, we have another very distinct account that has a specific niche with animals and the natural world. Hogue has a very specific taste when it comes to her boards. The most common themes are of animals and natural scenery, but there are also several boards that are full of colorful and cheerful images such as delicious cakes, visually stunning churches, and colorful spirals. But her most followed and liked boards are of the wonderful animals and nature.


Ross Cassidy

Topic: Art/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.3 million

In what has become the exception, instead of the norm, we have a celebrity blogger with the Pinterest account of Ross Cassidy. While not an A-list celebrity, Cassidy is known as one of the members of Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators show. In Cassidy’s Pinterest account, he showcases what made him part of the cast, with his personalized decorating skills and design. He also showcases his unique taste as he pins interesting and one of a kinds designs and styles. For more of Cassidy, he has also posted a link to his own blog and website.


Cherie Blankenship

Topic: Crafts/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.3 million

Cherie Blankenship is a Pinterest account that offers a myriad of ideas and inspiration. Among her best boards are those associated with words, such as her quotes board, ideas board, and of course, a words board. But that’s not the limit to Ms. Blankenship’s account, there are also several other boards that include food, crafts, artwork, travel, the holidays, and much more. Blankenship has one of the largest and most diverse board collections in this list with 109 boards on her blog.


Ellary Branden

Topic: Art/Design

Followers: 4.2 million

Ellary Branden’s blog on Pinterest is full of quirky pins, mostly by the stuff that she designs and sells. She calls herself “Designer, stylist, artist, lifestyle coach, and former model”. These experiences can be seen on the types of boards that she posts. Included in her account are boards about her etsy shop, her eBay board, and a hundred more boards on fashion, arts, and designs. Her Pinterest is among the heaviest, with a staggering 348 boards posted on her account.


Lolli Gonzales

Topic: Food/Art/Crafts

Followers: 4.2 million

Lolli Gonzales’s Pinterest account appeals to most of the Pinners on the website. Gonzales is a mom, and her interests reflect on the boards and pins that she posts on her blog. This includes boards on crafts, sewing, DIY, life hacks, and even a kid’s corner board. But that does not mean that they aren’t any visually stimulating boards as well. Among her boards are also other interests such as fashion, food, designs, and styles. As she herself describes it: “I am married to my confidant and mother to 5 wonderful kids. Life is hectic & busy so-simplicity is my creed!”


Igor Mamantov

Topic: Travel

Followers: 4.2 million

Igor Mamantov from Chicago, Illinois hosts a wonderful blog on Pinterest, where he shares amazing photos of the places that he and his wife have been (and of places that he would like to go). Despite being of advanced age, Igor still manages his account well (to the tune of 4.2 million followers). In spite of being a travel themed account, Igor still manages to collect and curate amazing images from the most interesting places on earth. I his words: “I am well traveled but there are still many places I would like to experience. I have been to all continents except Antarctica. Pastime is food, I love to coo(k)”.


Neille Hepworth

Topic: Architecture

Followers: 4.2 million

Neille Hepworth’s Pinterest account features boards and pins about architecture. And not just simple run of the mill architecture, but all aspects of the field. There are several boards that are dedicated to structure and form, as well as boards that feature style and designs. With Hepworth’s architecture boards, you get a feel of architecture and gain an appreciation for symmetry and structural design. Hepworth’s blog is not just strictly about architecture, as he ventures into other art forms including photography, interiors, lighting, jewelry, and nature.


Maureen Jordan

Topic: Art/Nature/Food/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.2 million

Maureen Jordan’s account is a diverse collection of aesthetically pleasing images. Among her most followed boards are: the best accessories for women, animal/animalistic fashion, the best appetizers, and architecture. As you can tell, none of these boards conform to one other, but each collection is carefully curated and sewn together. Jordan has 79 boards, each with varying themes and topics, but enough to hold the interest of more than 4 million followers.


Sophie Kalmar

Topic: Art/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4.1 million

Sophie Kalmar’s Pinterest blog is a virtual reflection of her interest and her character. While she has no common theme that ties them all together, the unique boards and selection of pins make her blog as distinct as her own personality. She pins captivating images and interesting shots of mundane topics such as rain, soap, and glass. Each of her boards are also simply entitled and arranged with pins that show exactly that, but the visuals that she presents are more than what words can describe.


Aimee Hieber

Topic: Food

Followers: 4.1 million

Aimee Hieber’s blog on Pinterest is all about the food. Her favorite topic may be singular, but she curates and collects among the best collection of delectable delicacies. While Hieber has boards on all sorts of foodstuff, her main interest lies in desert, with her top boards featuring chocolates, cakes, candy, and similar sweet fare. But Hieber is not limited to just food boards, she also posts boards on her other interests, including quotes, hair and makeup, favorite animals, and awesome rides.


Chic Vintage Brides

Topic: Weddings

Followers: 4.1 million

With Chic Vintage Brides, we have another niche Pinterest blog that caters to all things weddings. The blog offers boards about wedding gowns, bridal accessories, flower arrangements, and wedding locations. There are a variety of boards that tackle among the most diverse and varied wedding aspects. The site describes itself as: “A wedding blog for modern brides and lovers of all things vintage and vintage inspired”. For those who are looking for more wedding inspiration, they can check out their official site for more wedding ideas and designs.


Marcelo Baldin

Topic: Art/Design

Followers: 4.1 million

In Marcelo Baldin’s Pinterest account, we have an eclectic mix of design, style, and fashion. His distinct taste can be seen in the pins and boards that are displayed. While there is a definite modern feel to the art and style that he prefers, there are also boards that feature traditional art form and design. Baldin’s other interest are also in display with many other boards in his blog, including those that have nature, portraits, landscapes, and tattoos.


Caz and Craig @yTravelBlog

Topic: Travel

Followers: 4 million

With yTravelBlog, we have Caz and Craig from the gold coast in Australia. Their blog is full of images and photographs of the many places that they’ve travelled to. There are several boards that highlight the amazing scenery and landscapes of the places they’ve been, but there are also boards that explore a more personal side to their travels, such as boards that include their family vacations, their bucket list, and the places that they have featured on their own personal blog.



Topic: Home/Fashion/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 4 million

Maiysha’s Pinterest account is one of the rare celebrity accounts that has found success in this content driven social network. But her account has prospered mainly because of the unique images and boards that she posts. Maiysha’s pins explore the other aspects of her artistic taste and personality, such as boards for food, style and design. Her impeccable taste in music has extended to other aspects in her life as her picks are well thought out and her curated boards are one of a kind. Maiysha Kai is a Grammy nominated soul and R&B recording artist.


Jamielyn - I Heart Naptime

Topic: Crafts/Design/Food

Followers: 3.9 million

Jamielyn Pinterest account, named I Heart Naptime, is an extension of her business and her website. With her blog, she is able to show her talents in pinning and her unique taste in recipes, crafts, and style. While most of her boards allude to her business, she also posts boards that showcase her many other personal interests including boards about her favorite, quotes, accessories, and different styles. Jamielyn’s personal website can also be found on her account.


Jodie McKee

Topic: Crafts/Design/Lifestyle

Followers: 3.7 million

Jodie McKee’s Pinterest account is a unique blog in that she has no specific theme or topic, but her boards have one thing in common: color. McKee’s pins are so colorful and vibrant, and she has taken this to heart with almost all of her 100+ boards on her blog. Her unique picks and quaint boards are a reflection of her character as she emphasizes the most vivid hues with any topic she places on her boards. But her blog is much more than just colors and hues, she expresses her many interests with a variety of well placed boards and pins.


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