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The Ultimate Podcasting Resources

Podcasting is a relatively new medium to distribute audio content. Podcasts are a lot like radio programs, but listeners can listen to them at any time. Today, anyone with a microphone can produce a podcast. Podcast is quickly replacing radio for people to get their news and information.

In this post, you will see how podcasters are making thousands of dollars per episode talking about what they love (Top Earning Podcasts), discover the best books on podcasting, and find free podcasting guides and paid podcasting courses. By the end, you will be armed with the best information and guidance to start your very own podcast!

Top Earning Podcasts

Get inspired by the top earning podcasts in the market. Although they are now highly influential, they all started with one person talking into a microphone. They achieved amazing success because they never stopped producing great content that people love hearing, and they are now among the most lucrative shows on the podcasting platform.

Revenue: $50,000 per episode

Listeners: 2.2 million downloads per episode

The American Live podcast, also known as TAL, is a weekly hour-long podcast hosted by Ira Glass and produced by WBES. The broadcast tackles weekly “themes” wherein the host and his guests discuss topics related to each theme. Themes are usually centered on story-telling and sharing experiences, but there is a journalistic feel to the show, with each one featuring at least one essay, a memoir, various non-fictional accounts, and some file footage. The show debuted in 1995 as a radio station program, which has since evolved into the biggest selling podcast on the internet. The show now hosts a website where it archives the hundreds of shows they have broadcast over the years, which are all available for download.


Revenue: $50,000 per episode

Listeners: 500,000 downloads per episode

This Week in Tech, more commonly referred to as "TWIT," is by far the highest earning podcast in the world, bringing in an estimated $50,000 per episode (as the name implies, it's a weekly show). As if that wasn't impressive enough, in 2013 alone, the network grossed close to $8 million dollars across all the various shows, platforms, and live events. TWIT is hosted by tech enthusiast Leo Laporte, The show discusses current events in the technology and consumer electronic worlds. Leo frequently welcomes high profile tech guests including Apple's Steve Wozniak, John Hodgman, Kevin Rose, and more.


3. Shane and Friends (iTunes | SoundCloud)

Revenue: $15,250 per episode ($4500 for the 20 second pre-roll, $6250 for the 60 second mid-roll and $4500 for the 20 second post-roll)

Listeners: 250,000 downloads per episode

These YouTube stars are everywhere! I've never actually even heard of this podcast. Yet every other week, Shane Dawson jokes around with his friends about all things funny in the world. Shane has 6 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 billion video views. He also has one of the highest earnings among all the YouTube stars in the world, pulling in $1 million from his channel alone. His podcast is an extension of his YouTube success, and it has proven to be yet another online triumph.


Revenue: $14,640 per episode ($4320 for the 20 second pre-roll, $6000 for the 60 second mid-roll and $4320 for the 20 second post-roll)

Listeners: 250,000 downloads per episode

WTF with Marc Maron is a bi-weekly podcast that is hosted by stand-up comedian Marc Maron. The show is made up of interviews that he conducts with his fellow comedians and comedy writers. But in recent years, he has expanded his genre to interview personalities in the entertainment business as well. His podcast is among the most well received podcasts on the internet, garnering positive reviews from various publications, including the New York Times. Maron’s guests have included famous people like Louis C.K., Garry Marshall. Sacha Baron Cohen, Judd Apatow, and President Barack Obama.


Revenue: $14,500 per episode

Listeners: 250,000 downloads per episode

Adam Carolla is a comedian and host who is best known as the co-host of Jimmy Kimmel in the classic defunct show entitled The Man Show. And while Kimmel has moved on to become a successful late night TV talk show host, Carolla translated his talents into a bestselling podcast. The Adam Carolla Show is an extension of the antics that he used to pull during the show with Kimmel and on his radio show KLSX. Carolla flourished with his podcast, and as he no longer answered to the FCC, he was able to let loose and talk about anything under the sun (including hilarious profanity riddles rants). Carolla frequently interviews guests and hosts some series regulars (David Alan Grier, Dana Gould, and Greg Fitzsimmons, among others) about any topic he deems worthy.


Revenue: $14,000 per episode

Listeners: 250,000 downloads per episode

Bill Simmons, also dubbed the "Sports Guy," is a sports analyst and former TV host with ESPN. Simmons hosted The BS Report, one of the most popular sports podcasts during his time with the sports network. He has since parted ways with ESPN, but he now hosts his own podcast called The Bill Simmons Podcast on SoundCloud. Simmons is an avid sports enthusiast but he is also well known among sports circles for not being shy about expressing his love for his beloved New England Sports Franchises namely the Celtics, the Patriots, and the Red Sox.


Revenue: $13,725 per episode

Listeners: 225,000 downloads per episode

Neil deGrasse Tyson has bridged the gap between hard science and mainstream media. His appearance on the scene has made him the face of astrophysics and cosmic studies and placed the topic securely in pop culture. His podcast StarTalk explores different kinds of ideas, including but not limited to space travel, extraterrestrial life, and the role of science in our lives and on this earth. Each week, Tyson welcomes a guest as they talk about different aspects of science and how it relates to other subjects in their life. Guests on StarTalk range from celebrities, comedians, and other special people.


Revenue: $10,000+ per month

Listeners: unknown

The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn teaches its listeners about the many strategies and tips about running an online business and making it a source of passive income. Passive income, as described by Flynn, is income that is gained through a business or pursuit that does not need a lot of effort and management. Case in point, his website, his blog, and his podcast are all parts of his own personal passive income business. Flynn launched into his second career with online entrepreneurship as a backup plan after being a victim of the famed financial crisis in 2008.


Revenue: $11,000 per episode

Listeners: 180,000 downloads per episode

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is an interview show hosted by UFC color commentator, actor, and comedian Joe Rogan. Rogan welcomes guests that range from MMA instructors, musicians, actors, comedians, authors, and various other artists in different industries. They talk about several different topics including trending events, and several aspects of their life and their business. The Joe Rogan Experience won as Best Comedy Podcast in iTunes 2012. Listeners can also avail of the videocast, which is broadcast live simultaneously on Ustream. The podcast is also broadcasted on Sirius XM on the Virus channel on Sundays at 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET and Saturdays at Noon ET.


10. Comedy Bang Bang (Earwolf | iTunes)

Revenue: $10,675 per episode

Listeners: 175,000 downloads per episode

Scott Aukerman hosts Comedy Bang Bang, a weekly podcast where he interviews today’s funniest and most interesting comedians. The 60- to 90-minute interview process is not your traditional interview talk, with the show adopting an open door policy, which means all sorts of odd personalities and characters can stop by at any time and join in on the conversation. Most of the conversation circles around the comedian and the current events in his or her life, but Aukerman also indulges them to play games and participate in all sorts of odd but hilarious activities.


Revenue: $7,300 per episode Listeners: 170,500 downloads per episode

How Did This Get Made? is a podcast hosted by Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael. The show welcomes a new guest each week as they deconstruct and mock horribly made films. The trio and current weekly guest also try to deconstruct movie plots and try to debunk reviews of online users in their "Second Opinions" part of the show. Scheer and Mantzoukas are comedians and actors best known for their roles in the comedy series The League, while Raphael is an actress, comedian, and screenwriter best known for her work in Burning Love.


Revenue: $9,150 per episode Listeners: 150,000 downloads per episode

Hollywood Babble-on is a weekly podcast hosted by filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor Ralph Garman. Each week the duo talk about the latest news among celebrities, trending topics and movies. The show was previously featured on Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, but after a falling out with Lovitz, the pair ventured out with their own show. Hollywood Babble-on is a play on the phrase Hollywood Babylon, and it is released every Monday. The show has featured guests such as comedians Adam Carolla, Bill Burr, and Jay Mohr. Smith is known for directing and producing several movies and as a comic book enthusiast. Garman is known for his voice-over work and radio hosting for his show The Joe Schmo Show.


Revenue: $7,619 (daily audio-only podcast)

Entrepreneur on Fire, also known as EoF, is a weekly podcast hosted by entrepreneur and businessman John Lee Dumas. The daily show features Dumas as he talks to today's most successful entrepreneurs. His guests include Pat Flynn, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferriss. These are just a few of more than 1,400 interviews that he has done to date. After an interview with various guests each day, the podcast also features a "lightning round," where Dumas extracts information, resources and actions that can be used by each listener to further their own business or endeavor. EOF was awarded among the best podcasts of iTunes in 2014. He is also one of the most influential voices in podcasting. Expect to see a lot more of Mr. Dumas in these lists.


Revenue: $7,000 per episode Listeners: 115,000 downloads per episode

Doug Loves Movies is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Douglas ‘Doug’ Benson. The comedy show centers on Doug as he talks about one of his favorite subjects; movies. Each week, Doug welcomes special guest as they discuss his favorite movies, scenes, actresses and actors. Doug has hosted guests including Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Michael Sheen, and John Hamm. The podcast also regularly features a game called the Leonard Maitlin Game, wherein Doug reads movie reviews by Maitlin and his guests try to guess the movie. The podcast is recorded at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Doug is best known for his appearance as a contestant in The Last Comic Standing.


Revenue: $6,500 per episode Listeners: 100,000 per episode

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Bill Burr. The hour-long podcast, which started in 2007, centers on Burr as he talks about his views on current events and sports and his experiences on being a comedian and touring. Burr has a segment in the show dedicated to answering questions submitted by his listeners. Burr is also sometimes joined by his wife Nia Hill, as well as other comedians and friends, and many other recurring guests. The Monday Morning Podcast is part of the All Things Comedy Podcast Network, which was founded by Burr and Al Madrigal.


Revenue: $6,100 per episode Listeners: 160,000 downloads per episode

The Savage Lovecast is an advice podcast hosted by famous advice columnist Dan Savage. In the show, which has been in circulation since 1996 (radio), Savage talks about several topics including sex, love, and politics. The Savage Lovecast is also among the few shows that still accepts callers. Listeners regularly call in to ask Dan about their problems in love and life. Although recently, because of time constraints and the nature of podcasts, Savage has taken to accepting recorded questions instead to answer on his show. The weekly podcast is continuously among the top 50 podcasts featured in iTunes. Dan Savage is a contributor to This American Life and has been a guest on the The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher.


Revenue: $6,100 per episode

Listeners: 100,000 downloads per episode

SModcast is a weekly podcast hosted by filmmaker Kevin Smith and his long-time partner/producer Scott Mosier. The hour-long show is centered on Smith and Mosier as they talk about current events and their current interests. While the show mostly features just the pair, they have also welcomed several guests including Lisa Kudrow, Russell Brand, and Felicia Day. The name "SModcast" was derived from the first letters of their last names, Smith and Mosier, and the word podcast. The podcast was selected as one of the best new podcasts in 2007 and among the best podcast list of iTunes in 2010.


Revenue: $5,700

Listeners: 90,000 downloads per episode

The Cracked Podcast with Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim is a weekly podcast that is an extension of the comedy sketches and articles shown at the website O’Brien and Swaim are among the the original founding members of the website. Each week, the pair sits down and talks about various topics including pop culture tropes, myths, sketches, and other comedic topics. is one of the most successful comedy websites, with over 300 million monthly views each month. The website itself is an extension of the famous magazine Cracked, which goes all the way back to 1958.


Revenue: $5,375 per episode Listeners: 125,000 downloads per episode

The podcast Boards, Gore, and Swords is dedicated to the HBO hit show Game of Thrones. Each week, hosts and comedians Ivan Hernandez and Red Scott talk about the latest episode of Thrones and dissect each scene, character, and plot twist. In some shows, they welcome guests to discuss what happened in the latest episode. While most of the podcast covers the hit television series, there are also episodes that discuss the source material, the books. The show Game of Thrones is based on the bestselling series A Song of Ice and Fire, written and created by author George R.R. Martin.


Revenue: $5,150 per episode Listeners: 120,000 downloads per episode

The Futility Closet is a weekly podcast that centers on stories and anecdotes that have been "left out of the history books." The show is hosted by Greg Ross, who is sometimes accompanied by his wife Sharon, as they talk about several topics including forgotten subjects in history, literature, art, language, and philosophy. Each weekly show also offers up a "lateral thinking puzzle," where listeners try to solve an odd situation by only using yes or no questions. Ross is an editorial manager at, IEEE, and American Scientist magazine.


Revenue: $5,100 per episode

Listeners: 120,000 downloads per episode

Gweek by Boing Boing is a weekly podcast where the editors of Boing Boing get together and talk about anything from media, science fiction, gadgets, apps, hard science, video games, TV shows, music, movies, board games and comic books. The podcast is hosted by Mark Frauenfelder, who is joined by his co-host Dean Putney. Boing Boing is a website that hosts several blogs and podcasts. The website won The Bloggies for Best Weblog of the Year in 2004 and 2005. The website’s editors include Frauendfelder, Cory Doctorow, David Pescovits, Xeni Jardin and Rob Beschizza.


Revenue: $3,750 per episode

Listeners: 150,000 downloads per episode

We’re Alive is a podcast based on an audio drama of the same name. The audio drama's plot was where a large group of survivors try to make it alive in a zombie apocalypse world. The original version of the podcast started in 2009 on iTunes and ran for four seasons. Each season aired 3 shows a month for 36 episodes each season. The show was created by KC Wayland. After failing to find a home for it in television, he decided to produce it as an audio drama. In 2015, Wayland announced that a follow-up to the original podcast called We're Alive: Lockdown was crowdfunded through Kickstarter.


Revenue: $3,600 per episode

Listeners: 120,000 downloads per episode

The RELEVANT Podcast is a weekly show that is hosted by the creators of the RELEVANT Magazine. The hosts includes RELEVANT’s founder and podcast lead host Cameron Strang, Jeremiah Dunlap, Jesse Carey, Eddie Kaufholz and Shauna Niequist. The show talks about the Christian faith and a gives a behind-the-scenes look at running the magazine. The show is an extension of RELEVANT Magazine, a bi-monthly Christian lifestyle magazine that explores the life and culture of living in the Christian faith.

Best Books on Podcasting

The following books cover everything from how to create and monetize your podcast, to the necessary equipment and software each podcaster needs. Some of these books are great for beginners looking to start podcasting, but all of these books are highly recommended if you want to start your journey on becoming a podcast superstar.

By John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas’ book Podcast Launch: How to Create, Grow and Monetize YOUR Podcast is a comprehensive book about how to generate income from hosting your very own podcast. In this book, Dumas shares how he turned his passion into a business that generated a 6-figure monthly income. Dumas also shares his path towards creating a successful podcast and how that path lead him to be awarded the Best podcast in iTunes in 2013, along with over 12 million podcasts downloads since. The book also explains several aspects of podcasting, including the definition of a podcast, its current trends, the equipment and training needed, how to run a podcast, and much, much more.


By Jared Easley

Jared Easley’s book entitled Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration is a unique behind-the-scenes look at how podcasters start out with podcasting, and their journey to obscurity or prominence. Easley shares his early struggles as well as the vital strategies he had to develop and the right kind of networking needed for his podcast. The book acts like a map of how podcasters can utilize this new medium to influence and connect with thousands, and possibly even millions, of people. Jared is the creator and host of his own podcast Starve the Doubts, where he has a panel of conversations that go anywhere from online business to personal experiences and professional development.


By Kris Gilbertson

Kris Gilbertson’s new book Podcasting for Promotion, Positioning, and Profit is a comprehensive guide on how to run a Podcast and successfully vault it into prominence. As the book says, there are over a billion potential podcast subscribers all looking for the next big show to listen to and subscribe. This book details how to improve your standing and make the most of your expertise and knowledge for your podcasts. The book also helps podcasters learn about the intrecacies of podcasting, the different mediums that you can explore with your marketing, how to stand out with a podcast, how to increase traffic, how to translate all this into monetary gain, and much more.


By Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan’s new book How To Podcast 2016: Four Simple Steps To Broadcast Your Message To The Entire Connected Planet ... Even If You Don't Know Where To Start offers the details of the four simple steps that podcasters need to make their show a success. Colligan has mentioned how he has helped create podcasts that have seen success in their own categories, sometimes even breaching the top 10 of iTunes’s hollowed top 10 podcast list. Colligan notes that podcasters do not need expert advice or a complicated podcast suite with expensive equipment to be able to create a podcast that people will listen to.


By Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel’s new book entitled Out on the Wire is narrative and a behind the scenes look at five of the most popular podcasts (including This American Life and Radiolab). The book offers an honest and revealing look at this new medium and how stories are being told and how people are engaged by this new wave of pop culture medium. Jessica Abel, a cartoonist and a radio narrative enthusiast,also interviews the top personalities and their characters (such as Ira Glass of This American Life and Robert Smith of Planet Money) as they lead the way for the new form of radio talk.


By Naresh Vissa

Naresh Vissa’s book entitled Podcastnomics: The Book Of Podcasting... To Make You Millions offers a step-by-step guide of how to set up your very own podcast and how to properly make use of that platform to market your product/service and make some money. Podcastonomics also takes the reader through the various processes in podcasting including running a show, producing good content, and navigating through digital media and online marketing. The author, Naresh Vissa is a media and marketing entrepreneur that specializes in product launching and marketing strategy. Vissa has been featured on Yahoo, USA Today, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and the Huffington Post.


By Ellory Wells

Ellory Wells, and his book How to Start Your Professional Podcast for $200 or Less: A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Podcast on a Budget, explores how almost anyone can start their very own podcast. Wells debunks the misconception that you need to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on equipment and training to run a successful podcast. He elaborates how a successful podcast can be launched with a budget of $200 or less. Also included in the book are bonus items including the email template that Wells uses to get high-profile guests, the marketing tools he uses to promote his own show, and a list of directories that can be useful for running a podcast.


By Paul Colligan

Podcast Strategies: How To Podcast written by Paul Colligan sets out to answer the 21 most important and most asked questions about running a podcast. These questions include: "What is a Podcast," "Why is Podcasting the 'next big thing' again," and "What equipment and/or software do I need to make a Podcast?" Colligan then offers a step-by-step process of how to apply the answers to these questions into running your very own podcast. These topics and more are tackled in his book that was designed to help people that are interested in venturing into this new media platform. Colligan is a podcaster, best-selling author, and the CEO of


By Gary A Leland

Gary A Leland and his book 100 Great Podcasting Tips: From 100 Great Podcasters is a great compilation of tips, advice, and strategies from 100 different minds and personalities involved in podcasting. According to Leland, he set out with this project to tap into the podcast community and ask them about what they would tell new podcasters about the business and the industry. Also included in the book is a short history of podcasting, useful podcasting tools, a podcast directory, and a list of podcasts that actually talk about podcasting. Gary Leland runs his own podcast and is known for his involvement with Fastpitch Softball TV Show.


Promoting Your Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience of Raving Fans

by Jason Van Orden

Promoting Your Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience of Raving Fans by Jason Van Orden is a book that provides a guide on how to use internet marketing and other proven strategies to help increase the traffic of a podcast and its hosting website. The book covers important aspects of a podcast and essential podcast marketing strategies such as getting into podcast directories, choosing titles and taglines, and writing effective copies for your podcast pages. The book also provides several tips and advice on how to run a podcast successfully with the use of the internet and its many tools and forums.

Best Free Podcasting Guides

One of the advantages of the internet is that it has content on virtually everything and anything. There are lists, tips, forums, and articles on every niche you can think of. But one of the most useful, untapped online resources are guides. Most of the best guides are from people who have the expertise in their field, and these guides are also usually free. And yes, that includes guides on podcasting. Here are the best free podcasting guides on the internet.

By Corey Ferreira

"How to Start a Podcast: The Ultimate Step by Step Podcasting Guide" is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for those who are thinking of starting their very own podcast. There are many misconceptions about how to start a podcast, mainly to do with what equipment you need and what you have to purchase to host a show. But this guide carefully dissects that anatomy of a podcast and the requirements of a successful show. Included in this guide: "How to start a Podcast," "What you’ll Need," "How to Record your Podcast," "Podcast Hosting," and many more detailed instructions.


By Pat Flynn

"How to Start a Podcast: Pat’s Complete Step-By-Step Podcasting Tutorial" by Pat Flynn is a tutorial and a step-by-step guide on how to run your own podcast. Unlike most guides, Pat draws from his own experience and from the lessons he learned in running his own podcast. He uses these anecdotes to illustrate the inner workings of running a successful podcast. He also gives advice on what he thinks will work best for new podcasters, and readily gives specific examples for each recommendation, just to drive his point home. The guide has a very personal feel to it, but it also provides detailed steps on how to start with podcasting, including what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding.


By John Lee Dumas

Lee Dumas makes another appearance in this list, this time with his "How To Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting" article. In this guide, we get a broad look at podcasting, including its history, its beginning, and its potential as the next big medium. Dumas then launches into the basics of starting a podcast, including knowing your topic, figuring out what your niche market can be, and learning about how to connect with your target audience. Much like his book, this guide offers several features such as introductions and lessons, recommendations on the hardware and software needed to run a podcast, and links to many other helpful resources.


By Brendan Hesse

In this How-To article by Brendan Hesse, we are shown a step-by-step guide on how to run your own podcast. "How to Make a Successful Podcast" dives right into it at the top of the page, starting immediately with planning and production and creating a theme for your podcast. The guide goes into detail, especially with the processes and equipment (best microphones, best recording software, etc.) that works best for all types and kinds of podcasts. It is also one of the most comprehensive guides on this list, with three full pages of content on how to create a successful podcast.


By Buzzsprout

Two heads are better than one. This old adage was taken to heart by this guide from Buzzsprout. Their guide enlists the input of several experts and professional podcasters to help guide neophytes into their journey in the podcasting world. Not only do their panelists chime in on the important aspects of podcasting, but the guide also provides links on the resources that may prove to be helpful for those that are trying their hand at this relatively new medium. Among the contributors in this guide includes Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Chris Ducker of New Business Podcast, Kerry O’Shea of Marketing Smarts Podcast, and McAnna Stephenson of Blog-Aid.


By Kyle Racki

In Kyle Racki’s "An In-Depth Guide To Launching Your Own Podcast," he takes a look at the many different nuances of running a podcast and how each of these can be used to the advantage of the podcaster. The in-depth features of the guide delves into specific details of a podcast, such as planning the podcast, picking a topic, forming the structure, and creating interesting and captivating content. The guide also explores what it takes to be an effective podcaster, as well as technical aspects of podcasting, such as the hardware and software that can be used to enhance your show.


By Christian Cawley

"How To Start Your Own Successful Podcast" is a guide that explores the more technical aspects of setting up a podcast and running it well. This includes a guide on the best tools, equipment, and applications that can be used for a podcast. Cawley also touches on the many websites that can host a podcast, and the many different advantages and disadvantages of each website host. Cawley also takes a comprehensive look on several third-party recording and mixing software that can be used to improve and enhance the quality of your audio recordings.


By Mike Schmitz from The Productivity Show

In Mike Schmitz guide called "How to Launch & Automate a Successful Podcast – the Inside Story of The Productivity Show," he delves into the many aspects of how to launch and run a successful podcast. In his guide, he talks about several aspects of podcasting such as the software, hardware, and applications that supplement an effective podcast. But Schmitz also offers an inside look at the many subtle details of the processes and procedures that he goes through when preparing a podcast. These finer details can help podcasters, not just with running their podcasts, but also with the preparation and groundwork that needs to be set even before recording can begin.


By Brendan Hesse

In Brendan Hesse’s guide entitled "How to Make a Successful Podcast," we are shown a step-by-step guide on how to run a podcast and what makes a podcast successful. This includes all technical aspects such as planning and production, the equipment needed, and the software that works best for podcast recording and editing. The guide also takes us through the entire process for running a successful podcast from start to finish, including pre-production and post-production. Hesse also touches on the finer details of marketing and promoting your podcast such as online distribution and social media marketing.


By Rich Brooks from The Marketing Agents

Unlike most podcast guides that provide a step-by-step path on how to run a successful show. "13 Podcasting Tips from The Experts" takes a different track and provides 13 specific tips by podcast experts on how to launch and maintain a successful podcast. The guide includes several videos, lists, and links that can help podcasters learn more about the industry and the platform. It also enlists the help of several industry experts such as marketing consultants, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and of course, successful podcasters. The 13 tips are very comprehensive and feature topics such as product launching, planning and systemizing podcasts, finding professionals in your field, and social media marketing.


In this guide, Jeff Goins of Goins Writer shares the secrets of a successful writer podcast. Goins lists tips, highlights, quotes and takeaways that can help any podcaster find success in their chosen niche. This particular article discusses a podcast co-hosted with Jeff Brown, as they highlight the tips and ways that Brown interviews the guests on his own podcast show and the processes that you need to be mindful of when interviewing certain people. Jeff Goins is an author and blogger, and his goal is to help writers get their content out in the world. Goins has written books such as The Art of the Work, and a newsletter on free tips about writing.


By Pat Flynn

In this guide, we have entrepreneur and online businessman Pat Flynn talk about what each podcaster needs to know to launch a successful podcast show. In the guide, Flynn shares several tips, infographics, lists, and links that will help podcasters in honing their craft and making the most of their business. Among the most helpful tips that this guide will show you is how to launch multiple podcasts, how to create a launch team, and how to access the coveted iTunes list. Pat Flynn is known as a blogger, entrepreneur, and podcaster with his website Smart Passive Income.


By The Guardian

In this article by The Guardian, we take a look at Helen Zaltzman and how she was able to run a successful podcast and keep gaining listeners and winning awards. The interview also acts as a guide of what to do when you want to get started as a podcaster. Zatlzman provides humorous and insightful anecdotes on how to get started, how to pick a topic, how to edit, and how to come up with a name. Helen is the co-host of Answer me This! with her friend Olly Mann. Their podcast was named Podcast of the Week in the Radio Times, The Times, The Independent, and Time Out. In 2009, their podcast became the first non-musical show to play at the iTunes Festival.


By The Podcast Host

In this guide, called "Building a Peerless Podcasting Website," we get a great free course on how to create a website for your podcasts. There are many aspects of creating a successful podcast, and one of the most important is creating a suitable website to host your podcast episodes. The guide is for beginners and for experienced podcasters that want to create a landing page or a web page. This website can be used for listeners that want to access podcasts outside of the normal listings, such as iTunes. In this guide we learn about hosting and domains, blog sites with hosting, plugins and playback tools, and many more. The guide is provided by The Podcast Host, which is a great resource for podcast guides and courses.


By Colin Gray

In this guide, we have an interview and a conversation with Colin Gray, the founder of The Podcast Host. In his interview, Gray talks about podcasts, how he started in the business, the inner workings of producing a podcast, the budget of a podcast, podcast guests, and many more. In the interview, we learn about the many ways that a podcaster can succeed in the business by following what others have done in the past, but at the same time, creating our own content. The Podcast Host is a resource site that provides content such as articles and guides to help podcasters with their show.


By Joe Donatelli

In this next guide, we have Joe Donatelli's blog post guiding us through what makes a good podcast. Donatelli dissects the anatomy of a successful podcast and what podcasters can do to apply the same principles to their show. Donatelli lists 10 of the most important aspects of good podcasting and gives examples, links, and anecdotes on how each of these can be applied. Donatelli has experience in podcasting and hosting a comedy podcast called The Second Column. The podcast ran for four years and produced more than 200 shows.


By Jack Wallen

Jack Wallen of the TechRepublic gives us a guide on what podcasters have to do to make their show successful and what not to do to avoid failure. The list is a mix of the critical things podcasters should do such as finding a host, editing, and finding suitable software, and costly mistakes that podcasters should avoid such as skimping on hardware, skimping on bandwidth, and ignoring the audience. At the end of the article, the guide also offers more tips and additional resources for hosting a successful podcast.


By Elene Terenteva

In this article by Elena Terenteva of SEMRush, we have one of the most comprehensive guides on "How to Run a Successful Podcast." She starts off with an amazing list of resources for podcasting and creating a podcast. But this list also contains resources for writing, marketing, and speaking to an audience. And that’s just the start. There are also tweets, links, lists, and screenshots, on how to successfully create a podcast and how to properly run it.


By Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja

In the article "The 7 Secrets to a Successful Podcast," Tony Chomba Mwangi Njanja talks about the many lessons he learned from taking a course by Yaro Starak. In the guide, he discusses Lesson 17 on the Podcasting Course of Starak and how it helped him with his own podcasting ventures. Among the secrets he shares includes how to handle ownership of a podcast, picking a topic to dominate, and creating an image for your podcast. The article is posted on Yaro’s website and it is also available as an audio file. Yaro Starak is the owner and author of Entrepreneur’s Journey, a guide and course about running your own website or podcast.


By Chassie Lee

In this guide, Chassie Lee shares her version of the seven informative tips to create a successful podcast. In the article, Lee shares tips, lists, and tricks that can help any podcaster get ahead with their own show. Among the many things you can learn from this guide is how to create a podcast that helps other people, instead of boasting about your own achievements and accomplishments. This is one of best ways to increase your number of listeners. Chassie Lee is the Content Expert for eReflect, which creates marketing software for several online business and companies. Addicted2Success is a resource website for diverse business development and growth.


By Eric Siu

In the guide entitled "4 Strategies the Entrepreneur on Fire Used to Build a $250K a Month Podcast," Eric Sui lists John Lee Dumas as an example of how to make it big in the podcast business and earn a staggering amount of money. In the guide, Sui shares 4 important strategies that the best podcasters use to gain success. These strategies include asking your interviewees to share the episodes that they are in. Not only will it help their brand, but it can also add exposure to your podcast series. Sui also provides several examples in the form of links, lists, and references to his guide. John Lee Dumas is reported to earn more than $200 thousand from his podcast series alone.


By Amy Porterfield

In this article by blogger and podcaster Amy Porterfield, she talks about her recent interview with podcaster elite John Lee Dumas. In the guide, she talks about the various topics that they covered during her interview and the many insights and lessons that she gained from Dumas. She also states that the podcast is a gold mine for podcast advice and tips that could be useful for all the podcasters out there that want to make it big in podcasting. Amy Porterfield is a podcaster, a social media strategist, and co-author of the book Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.


By Profitcast

In this unique guide, we have a free compilation of 7 very important strategies that successful podcasters use to make money and grow their podcasts. The guide requires a simple registration and login, and you can access the list of strategies from the website. The Profitcast website contains several articles, interview, and podcasts that can be used as a great resource for furthering your own podcast show. The website currently has an archive of 110 podcasts by Profit Cast Universe.


By Rommel Cabal

In this guide by Rommel Cabal for SplashOPM, we are given the 5 important lessons when starting a podcast. Cabal has his own podcast and he starts by retelling his own beginnings and how he knew next to nothing about the podcasting world. But through vigilance and trial and error, he learned these important lessons that can help the next wave of podcasting newbies in their journey with their own podcasts. In the article, Cabal shares graphs, links, and infographics to supplement the lessons he wishes to share with other readers. Rommel Cabal is the founder of Startup Life Hacks. SplashOPM is a marketing and advertising resource site.


By Dorie Clark

In her article for Forbes online magazine, Dorie Clark talks about how to launch a successful podcast in the fastest possible time. In her article, she starts by listing examples of how fast (or slow) it can take for a podcast to take off, regardless of the talent and content created. She further looks into what it takes to create a successful podcast in just a short period of time with several tips, advice, and strategies. Among these tips include understanding your revenue strategy and increasing your frequency. Dorie Clark is a full Forbes magazine contributor and often tackles the subjects of marketing, branding, and business strategy.


By Zach Cutler

With the last guide on this list, we have the "5 Steps to a Successful Podcast" by Zach Cutler. Cutler starts by providing the steps that are needed to start or launch a podcast then expands into how to keep the podcast series a success. There are only 5 steps provided, but these are among the most important steps that podcasters need to master when launching their new podcasts. Among the steps covered by Cutler includes securing interviews, crafting a name for your brand, and producing high quality audio. Zach Cutler is an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Cutler PR, a tech PR agency in New York and Tel Aviv.

Best Paid Podcasting Training

Training in a specific field is hard to come by, especially if it is quality training from experts and professionals from a relatively obscure field such as podcasting. It is usually true that we get what we pay for. The following paid training courses on podcasting offer more in-depth content than the free courses above.

Instructor: Scott Paton

Price: $20

This Udemy training video on podcasting is one of the most complete training courses on the internet. The course offers several videos (more than 10 hours worth) including more than 70 lectures and training articles. The entire course is segmented into 12 sections, with a quiz or assignment at the end of each segment. Some of the lectures can be viewed as previews for those that are interested in applying for the course. If that wasn’t enough, the course also offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those that are not satisfied with the quality of the course.


Instructor: Andrew Ferebee

Price: $50

Much like the previous Udemy training video, The Podcast Blueprint offers a comprehensive training course on how to create a top ranking podcast. The course is shorter than the previous one but delves deeper into specific aspects of building an effective show. The course features 60 lectures and 9 hours of video. But unlike the previous course on the list, this course focuses on laying down the foundation for a marketable and user friendly podcast. In comparison, while the previous course was training for starting a podcast, this one is a course for successfully running that podcast and turning it into a marketable top-ranked show.


Instructor: John Lee Dumas

Price: $33

In his third appearance on this list, John Lee Dumas lends his expertise on podcasting and running a show with this training course about everything that you will need to know about running a successful podcast. It's one of the best courses for beginners who are interested in getting into the podcasting media platform. The course contains 12 lessons in video (all in HD), streaming files that are available for free download, and exclusive bonus content on podcasting. The course is also compatible for desktop and on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.


Instructor: John Lee Dumas

Price: $106/month

Podcasters' Paradise offers one of the most comprehensive podcasting training websites in this list. The website was founded by creator of the On Fire podcast, John Lee Dumas, who makes his fourth appearance on this list. The training course offers monthly webinars, video tutorials, live question-and-answer forums, and more. Although the course is a little expensive, it makes up for it with the large collection of video tutorials.


Instructor: Lewis Howes

Price: $67

With the second course offered in CreativeLive, we have Lewis Howes and his course on how to Start your Profitable Podcast and Build a Brand. The course offers tips and strategies on making your podcast stand out, choosing the best format, promoting and marketing your podcast, and other options for monetizing your brand. Howes also delves into the anatomy of a podcast and how each part can be used to further your business as a podcaster. Lewis Howes is the host of the popular School of Greatness podcast.


Instructor: Kris Gilbertson

Price: $126

Kris Gilbertson’s training course entitled Launch a Successful Podcast is an extension of her ebook that we previewed on this podcast guide. But instead of e-book form, with the help of CreativeLive, Gilbertson offers her expertise and advice with this course on how to launch a successful podcast. Included in her course are 44 different video lessons, streaming and downloadable files, and exclusive bonus content. The course has had 100% approval rating (albeit by just 4 users) and has been availed by more than 4,000 students on the CreativeLive website. The course can be seen as an upgrade to her e-book as most of her lessons are more easily absorbed through videos and visual aids.


Instructor: Yaro Starak

Price: $199

Yaro Starak’s course on podcasting called Learn My ‘Power Podcasting’ Formula For In-Depth Interviews, Free Traffic AND Selling Your Digital Products And Services takes a different approach to guiding new podcasters into the scene. Starak starts by retelling his own journey and sharing his experiences with podcasting. Eventually, he also shares his struggles and successes with the venture, and how he discovered that he could help others with these valued experiences. Starak offers a tried and tested formula for launching a podcast and having a successful podcast show. His course also offers lessons on several aspects of podcasting, such as software, hardware, and podcast applications that can be helpful.


Instructor: Dr. Colin Gray

Price: $197

Podcast Liberation: Beginner’s Podcasting Course is a great course that can help podcasters that are new to the business. The course is a comprehensive guide on how to deal with the early struggles of launching a new podcast show, and helping it find its own space and voice. The course also offers several important lessons such as "How to define and plan your podcast’s content," "The equipment you need to record online or in person," "How to plan each episode and use that to record great content," and "How to promote your show at launch and the first few months." The entire course is made up of 15 topics in total, with a topic a day as the recommended pace for going through the course.


Instructor: Alex Blumberg

Price: $84

With the third CreativeLive course on this list, we have Power Your Podcast with Storytelling by Alex Blumberg. His course varies differently from other podcast training courses we’ve seen so far. Blumberg offers to teach podcasters a specific way of succeeding with podcasting. His course takes up the specific niche of using storytelling as a way of helping your podcasting skills and creating success for your show. The course features 21 video lessons, streaming and downloading files, and exclusive bonus content. Alex Blumberg is a reporter and producer for This American Life and the co-host of NPR’s Planet Money.


Instructor: Gobala Krishnan

Price: $20

Build Your Own Home Studio (With Practical Examples) by Gobala Krishnan is another great podcasting course offered by Udemy. The course helps podcasters with practical information on how to build their own makeshift studios at home. The course supplies practical examples of how to achieve this. Not only can this course be useful with hosting your own podcast, but also for any recording sessions that you may want to do from the comfort of your own home (music, interviews). The entire course is made up of 22 lectures including over 4 hours of video. The course has been received well, with a high user rating (10 ratings) and over 2,700 students so far.


Instructors: Scott Paton, Marc Mawhinney

Price: $40

With this course, we have Scott Paton and Marc Mawhinney as instructors for the course: Podcast Coach: Podcasting Profits. The course sets out to teach listeners how to make money off of their podcasts. It teaches podcasters how to coach or mentor people with podcasting. This style will eventually help them to leverage their podcasts into a new profit center. The course contains 27 lessons, 2 and half hours worth of videos, and a bonus Q&A portion.


Instructors: Scott Paton, Martin Wales

Price: $40

In another Udemy course, we have Podcasting Success Strategies: Get Podcast Sponsorships, hosted by Scott Paton and Martin Wales. Sponsorship is one of the most basic necessities for any online business to make money. It is the reason that there are podcasters that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. This course dissects how to turn your podcast into a money-making business and how sponsorship works. it aims to teach its listeners how to find their own sponsors, particularly the best sponsorship for podcasts. The course is made up of 27 lectures and 2 and half hours of videos.


Instructor: Scott Paton, Paul Jenkins

Price: $50

In yet another Udemy course, we have Video Podcast: Best Practices for Successful Podcasting hosted by Scott Paton and Paul Jenkins. In this course, the pair focuses on video podcasting and the trade secrets to making video podcasts stand out. Aside from divulging the many tips and advice that a podcaster can use for video podcasting, the course also teaches podcasters how to set up great video shots through placement, lighting, and audio filters. The course is made up of 23 lessons and an hour and half worth of videos.


Instructor: Ian Robinson

Price: $30

In Ian Robinson’s Udemy course entitled Professional Podcast Production, Editing & Blueprint, we can learn about how to set up podcast recording studio equipment and audio mastering, how to host it on iTunes, and how to create a WordPress host website for your podcast. The course is a comprehensive guide on how to step up your game as a podcaster and apply professional tools and equipment in producing your show. This can be very useful for podcasters that want to improve their podcasts by taking it to a new level, and eventually increase their listeners. The course is made up of 25 lectures and three hours of video.


Instructor: Tracy Goodwin

Price: $50

In this unique podcast entitled Voice Technique for Video, Webinar, Podcast Success by Tracy Goodwin, we learn about the specific method of using voice techniques to improve the quality and sound of your podcasts. In this course, listeners will learn how to speak naturally, create dynamic mental images through vocal techniques, manage volume through a microphone, and other vocal techniques that can help podcasters with how they speak in their show. They can also learn about subtler aspects of speaking, such as breathing, pitch, pace, volume and intonation. The course is made up of 36 lectures and two hours of video.


Instructor: Roma Waterman

Price: $45

In another similar Udemy course by Roma Waterman, we have Improve Your Speaking Voice to Teach Online or Podcast. In this course, you can learn about transforming your voice to make it more dynamic and engaging. Mastering this skill can be useful in podcasting, as well as with other online businesses, such as online instruction or online tutoring. The course will also teach listeners how to use aspects such as posture, breathing, and projection to improve the quality of your voice, and understanding the other factors that can affect your tone, volume, and pace. The course has 22 lesson lectures and an hour and half worth of videos.


Instructor: John Lee Dumas

Price: $20

Once again, we have podcasting specialist John Lee Dumas on this list as he hosts his own course on Udemy called Podcast: The top 8 ways to monetize by Podcasting. In this course, Dumas shares his experience and expertise in the field of podcasting and teaches his listeners how to gain success in their own podcast ventures. Dumas delves into important aspects of podcasting such as sponsorship, coaching, books, joint ventures, affiliate relationships, and other products and services that you can use to further monetize your podcasts. The course has 9 lectures (including the 8 ways mentioned in the title) and 2 hours of videos.


Instructor: Scott Paton, Tracy Goodwin

Price: $20

In this Udemy course by Scott Paton and Tracy Goodwin, we have Podcast Power Breathing Master Class. This course delves deeper into using your voice to improve your podcasts and focusing on breathing and how it can affect your tone and speaking prowess. The course also teaches listeners how to use their voice more effectively to increase their audience, how to sound more charismatic, and how to appear as a leader and an expert in your chosen niche. The course is offered with 22 lectures and one and half hours worth of videos.


Instructor: Steve Cherubino

Price: $50

In this course entitled Podcasting For Anyone - Quick and Easy by Steve Cherubino, we are taught how to create a fully functioning podcast in as little as 24 hours. This special course is directed at podcasters who are just starting out and want to launch their own podcast as soon as possible. The course teaches how to have professional vocal sound in your podcast, along with an edited introduction and an outro. It also teaches how to submit your show to hosting sites such as iTunes and Stitcher, and how to use professional podcasting equipment and software. The course features 13 lectures with an hour’s worth of videos.


Instructors: Various

Price: $998 - $1,200

Podability is a weekend workshop that teaches podcasters how to develop, create, launch, and grow their own podcast shows. The workshop is made up of a series of sessions that is held for an entire weekend. The workshop as a whole features lectures, shows, and speakers from experts and professionals in the industry of podcasting. They help podcasters with the technical and marketing aspects of running their own podcast shows. Although the entire workshop can be seen as expensive, it can be well worth it as there is an entire weekend’s worth of education and information about the world of podcasting.


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