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Best Resources for Selling Your Arts and Crafts

If you're reading this, you're obviously trying to find ways to make your arts and crafts business succeed or come by with some additional income from your creations. Lucky for you, this post was created to help you do just that. Here you will find a list of tips and resources to help your arts and crafts business to not only survive but also thrive. From informational guides to real stories of success, you'll find a wide array of sources to consult as you manage your own business. Obviously, their recorded successes will also guarantee their effectivity. I wrote this to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your business.

I've listed various solutions and methods that you can apply such as viable outlets for your products and ways to attract business. You'll also learn about different angles that you can try and see which would suit you in particular. They can be as broad as joining the Amazon marketplace to more specialized outlets specific to your case. I've even included a few ways to maximize your exposure on the Internet. Ultimately, I hope that this list is equipped with all the information and resources you need to succeed.

7 Success Stories and Case Studies: How Artists Are Making It Big Selling Their Art

For a lot of people in the creative industry, it can be difficult to break out and gather a following. However, it's not impossible, as can be seen from the various people who have made it big. Read the stories below to gather insight on how these artists and crafters managed to make thousands to millions each year through selling their work online. From humble beginnings to success stories, much can be learned from these self-made entrepreneurs.

(Note: Although a majority of the stories are about Etsy, it does not mean Etsy is the only way to make money with your art. There are many online art marketplaces where you can sell your art.)

Alicia Shaffer is making $80,000/month selling legwarmers, scarves, headbands and other handmade items at her shop ThreeBirdNest on Etsy. (Update: In November 2011, Shaffer decided to leave Etsy and started selling products on their own site.)

Megan Owdom-Weitz built her store Megan Lee Designs into a five star shop on Etsy.

Mollie Flately is the founder of Nora Jane, a handmade rubber stamp company. She was the 8th highest gross selling handmade artisan on Etsy as of August 2014.

Erin True (Urban Wood Goods), Nate McPherson (Spexton Jewelry) and Emily McDowell (Emily McDowell Studio) stand out from the thousands of artisans on Etsy. Here are their secrets of how they did it.

Every day, Chris Austin from Toronto holds flash sales for his art to his 8,000 followers on Instagram.

Benny Hsu from Get Busy Living shares how he made $100K in 5 months selling funny T-shirts.

Self-taught Lampshade Designer Miranda Law became a self-sufficient single mother with her Swee Mei lampshades.

By Mary Burzlaff Bostic

Build a Successful Art Career

Do you want to establish or expand a career for yourself in fine art, illustration or design? 2016 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market is the must-have reference guide for you. Thousands of successful artists have relied on this to help develop their careers and navigate the changing business landscape. The 2016 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market introduces a whole host of new features and guarantees the most up-to-date, individually verified market contacts possible.

Grow your art business with these resources:

  • A FREE 1-year subscription to, where you can find industry contacts, track your submissions, get the latest art and design news, and much more (free subscription comes with print version only)

  • Complete, up-to-date contact information for more than 1,700 art market resources, including galleries, magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, ad agencies, syndicates, art fairs, and more

  • Articles on the business of freelancing--from basic copyright information to tips on promoting your work

  • Information on grants, residencies, organizations, publications, and websites that offer support and direction for visual artists of all types

  • NEW! Informative articles on the art of business, online social networking, and the benefits of slowing down to create better work

  • Special features on selling without begging, obtaining micro funding, beginning a Kickstarter campaign, and methods for accepting payment

  • Inspiring and informative interviews with successful professionals including children's book author-illustrators David Macaulay and Melissa Sweet, fine artist Richard McLaughlin, manga author-illustrator Mark Crilley and editorial illustrator Rami Niem.


By Renae Christine

Stop buying your materials for your handmade products at local craft stores. This book will show you where to find the best materials from the best suppliers to fuel your Etsy selling success.

After getting more than 1 million views on YouTube with over 100,000 follow up questions answered for handmade businesses since 2012, Renae Christine has learned that 90% of handmade businesses fail within the first 5 years due to lack of proper suppliers or the know-how to find those suppliers of the best materials.

You will learn:

  • Why every Etsy seller and handmade business owner needs a supplier.

  • Why you should avoid your local craft store's clearance section like the plague.

  • Common mistakes that you could be making.

  • How much money you need to place an initial order, which might surprise you.

  • Where to find tens of thousands of proper material suppliers.

  • The questions to ask before taking on a supplier and placing an order so you don't waste your money.

  • 15 of Renae Christine's favorite suppliers from a convention she scoured just for handmade businesses.

  • Additional bonus suppliers listed from different handmade industries.


By Dani Marie

There are now millions of people with handmade products and they are all eager to build a sustainable income. The Handmade Entrepreneur uses precise methods based on proven marketing techniques to set you above the competition. What you can expect to learn from this book:

  • How to take DIY pictures that get clicks and sales

  • How to set up a shop that turns visitors into buyers in under two seconds

  • How to price your items

  • How to write titles and descriptions

  • How to brand your business with DIY techniques

  • How to rank your pages

  • How to find targeted audiences

  • How to build up your list of followers

  • Where to promote your listings

  • How to sell without selling

  • How to form relationships with people who can send you extra sales

  • How to start a "buzz" about your products

  • Which tools to incorporate into your business


By J. Jason Horejs

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to show your work in galleries? Have you felt frustrated because you are unsure how to best approach galleries for representation? Do you know what you need to do to prepare your work, your portfolio, and yourself to make an effective approach?

Starving to Successful | The Fine Artist's Guide to Getting into Galleries and Selling More Art will answer these questions and many more as you prepare to increase your presence in the gallery market. Written by J. Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, Starving to Successful will give you pragmatic advice and concrete, actionable steps you can begin implementing immediately to become more successful in marketing your work to galleries.

  • Gain insight into what a gallery owner is thinking as he or she reviews your portfolio.

  • Understand why the most common approaches artists make to galleries are largely ineffective.

  • Learn what most artists fail to do in preparing their work for sale.

Starving to Successful will change the way you look at the artist/gallery relationship, and will set your art career on a new path.


By Eric Michael

Etsy Empire offers a unique combination of the most important Etsy tips for building your business.

  • Build your brand. This is the most important task for Etsy sellers.

  • Determine demand for your potential business for free.

  • Learn how to double or triple traffic to your shop and sales items with Etsy SEO and Google SEO

  • Use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to sell more items and engage your shop's fans - Social Media for Etsy

  • Learn how to sell crafts and vintage collectibles on Etsy

  • Etsy tips for packaging and shipping

  • Learn valuable tips for improving Etsy photography and how to make your item descriptions convert into sales

  • Etsy 101 - learn how to start your business from scratch and build into a successful online business

  • Learn how to network with other successful Etsy shop owners

  • How to design a great Etsy shop - create a professional shop banner, shop name and avatar


By Jason Malinak

Turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business.

Most Etsy sellers are confident in their crafting and artistic capabilities. However, many need guidance on the business-related intricacies of starting and maintaining a successful Etsy business. Etsy-preneurship helps existing and potential Etsy sellers understand the business fundamentals needed to become a small business owner on Etsy, including taxes, bookkeeping, marketing, finances, administrative tasks, daily operations, legal requirements, business plans, and improving your business skills. This book will help you make the jump from enjoying your handmade/craft/art hobby to running a profitable business.


By Sarah Moore

Etsy has successfully brought craft fairs to the people of the online world, and they have shaken the image of handmade items from "that will do" items to hot ticket best-selling and hugely desirable products. Just because this platform exists though, doesn't mean that getting to the top of it is as easy as having a great product and putting it into a search engine. With this book, you will be told how to set yourself up on Etsy for success and how to create a growing income from your boutique items. You'll learn:

  • Exact steps how to build your own Etsy store

  • Everything you need to do before you open your Etsy store

  • Mistakes you can make and how to avoid them

  • How to select the perfect Etsy store name

  • How to list your products properly so they sell the fastest

  • Discover how to find out what is trending in the handmade and vintage world and how you can be a part of that

  • Find out the best way to optimize your Etsy page so that it will come up at the top of a search engine and people will click on your product over another

  • The secrets to getting to the front page and how best to use forums and teams to create a lasting brand that will keep customers coming back again and again

  • Promote yourself for free with several social media platforms that are especially catered to Etsy users

When it comes to selling well on Etsy, there is a lot of competition. There are many other people with exciting and creative products that may even be able to match your own. However, competition is only a problem if it can compete with you.


By Dave Conrey

Selling Art Online shows you several ways you can take your art, make money, be happy, and beat back all the doubt and criticism.

This could be the most eye-opening book you read about being a creative entrepreneur. Whether you’re an illustrator, artist, designer, photographer or any variety of visual creator, this book could change your point of view on how you sell your work.


By Andrew Johansen

Etsy... Master It Today!

This book contains useful information regarding earning a passive income and how you can do that by opening a store on the popular Etsy site. It tells you about the basics of being an Etsy seller and what you need to know if you want to open your own store.

This book also contains proven steps and strategies on how to upload great photos and write kickass product descriptions to maximize your selling potential. It features instructions and terms that are easy to understand since it is especially written with beginners like you in mind.


By Kim Solga

Your guide to online success!

Here's all you need to realize your dreams of turning your handiwork into cash--online! With the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, serious art and craft buyers and sellers are turning to the online world to buy, sell, and promote beautiful, homemade creations...but where to start? This A-Z guide provides expert advice on building an online presence and getting your creations into the hands of buyers, including:

You'll learn about the pros and cons of all the major art and craft sites, as well as tips for creating your own store online. With The Everything Guide to Selling Arts & Crafts Online, your online business can be up and running in no time!


By Tycho Press

More than a marketplace, Etsy is a community--and being an active, informed member can lead to lucrative results. This book provides actionable steps to help shop owners engage the Etsy community in authentic ways that attract buyers and generate sales. The best Etsy shops stand out among the sea of sellers and a draw loyal customer base, but how they've done it isn't--and shouldn't be--a secret. In these pages, top Etsy sellers share the tools that have helped them, the changes they made that yielded positive results, and their best advice for achieving and sustaining a successful Etsy shop. Beyond sellers' words of wisdom, this book offers a roadmap all Etsy sellers can follow in order to:

  • Choose keywords and tags to drive traffic to your Etsy shop

  • Photograph your products for maximum appeal

  • Create a unique Etsy shop that stands out

  • Write winning product descriptions

  • Price your goods appropriately

  • Market your products effectively on social media platforms

  • Maintain lasting relationships with your Etsy customers

  • Diversify your Etsy product offerings


By Kate Gatski and Kate Shoup

Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies offers expert advice for artists and entrepreneurs looking to build an online craft business from scratch. You'll get invaluable information on how to set up an Etsy shop, write compelling item descriptions, photograph your work, engage the Etsy community, understand fees, and find your muse when it takes a holiday.

In the last couple of years, the DIY movement has transcended the big-box hardware stores, and has taken on a new format in the savvy crafting arena. Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies shows you how to create, manage, and successfully sell handmade wares, vintage goods, and DIY supplies using the world's largest online handmade marketplace.

  • Coverage new to this edition includes the latest in flash sale partners; best practices for applying SEO to your shop and listings; new tools for sellers; and much more

  • Includes tips for increasing local sales by connecting with other local vendors through seller communities

  • Covers harnessing the power of Pinterest to promote (and protect) your business

If DIY is your domain, Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies gives you the skills, knowledge, and know-how to create a successful business that pays.


By Veronica Mckinnon

Author Veronica McKinnon starts off at the very beginning by explaining how to choose an Etsy username, join forums, and engage in chatrooms. Find out how to price your items, the difference between wholesale and retail, and how to sell one-of-a-kind items.

Veronica will steer you clear of potential troubles. You’ll find out how to stay safe on Etsy, what products you can and can’t sell, and which services you can sell. She'll even help you understand how to collect sales tax on your Etsy sales. You’ll even learn about marketing, shipping, and payment methods. Grab this book and start your online empire today.


By Charles Huff

How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest - Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy is a no-nonsense guide to help Etsy sellers navigate this popular, but somewhat confusing social network.

Are you an Etsy seller? Have you been told like a bazillion times that you SHOULD be on Pinterest...but have no idea how to market your creations on this super-popular social network? Don't know your pinboard from your pins?

Well...worry not, intrepid Etsian! Because Charles Huff is to the rescue with this new tome chock-full of Etsy Pinterest marketing awesomeness.

In How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest, you'll learn:

  • The nuts-and-bolts of Pinterest

  • The (mostly) free tools to create awesome content for Pinterest

  • 5 ways to hundreds of followers in no time

  • How to use Pinterest Contest to boost your bottom line

So, no matter your experience level -- or technical know-how -- grab a copy of How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest - Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy Vol.2 and turn those pins into actual!


By Sharon Louden

In this day and age, when art has become more of a commodity and art school graduates are convinced that they can only make a living from their work by attaining gallery representation, it is more important than ever to show the reality of how a professional, contemporary artist sustains a creative practice over time.

The forty essays collected in Living and Sustaining a Creative Life are written in the artists’ own voices and take the form of narratives, statements, and interviews. Each story is different and unique, but the common thread is an ongoing commitment to creativity, inside and outside the studio. Both day-to-day and big picture details are revealed, showing how it is possible to sustain a creative practice that contributes to the ongoing dialogue in contemporary art. These stories will inform and inspire any student, young artist, and art enthusiast and will help redefine what "success" means to a professional artist.


By Alan Hirsch

Discover The Ultimate Etsy Selling Strategies That Will Lead You To Etsy Selling Success

Like everything else, becoming a top rated seller on Etsy is no easy task. It takes a lot of dedication, passion, patience, innovation and most importantly, a success strategy. The unfortunate news is that successfully selling crafts on Etsy requires different strategies. This can be a bit daunting for someone with no prior Etsy selling experience. It doesn’t have to be.

This book will outline all the latest strategies you need to turn your love for crafts, and your Etsy store into a thriving business.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

  • Determine your crafts and relate it to the 5 characteristics of good Etsy products

  • 5 essentials of a good Etsy product

  • Identify your target audience and brand your shop around their wants and needs

  • Create your brand around your target audience

  • Spy on your competition

  • Etsy’s product listing strategies that work

  • Smart Etsy craft marketing strategies and creative strategies for more sale

  • Creative strategies for more Etsy sales


By Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

In our culture, artistic genius and poverty seem inevitably linked, but does it have to be that way? Jim Henson didn’t think so.

An iconic creator and savvy businessman, Henson is a model for artists everywhere: without sacrificing his creative vision, Henson built an empire of lovable Muppets that continues to educate and inspire—and a business that was worth $150 million at the time of his death. How did he ever pull it off? And how can other creators follow in his path?

In Make Art Make Money: Lessons from Jim Henson on Fueling Your Creative Career, journalist and educator Elizabeth Hyde Stevens presents ten principles of Henson’s art and business practices that will inspire artists everywhere. Part manifesto, part history, part cultural criticism, part self-help, Make Art Make Money is a new kind of business book for creative professionals: a guide for creating and succeeding thanks to lessons from the Muppet Master himself.


By J. Jason Horejs

Wouldn’t it be great if art sold itself? If you have tried to sell art, you know it doesn’t. Selling art takes effort and skill. Jason Horejs has been in the gallery business for over 18 years and has owned Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ since 2001. In How to Sell Art, Horejs shares the entire selling process he and his staff employ when making a sale. From introductions, to creating a compelling dialogue, to closing a sale and beyond. Whether you are a gallerist trying to sell the work of others, or an artist working to sell your own art, Horejs gives you concrete, step-by step instructions that will help you tap and develop your inner salesperson.

As with any other skill, you can increase your sales success by taking a systematic and consistent approach. How to Sell Art will help you take your art salesmanship to a higher level.

5 Ways to Sell Your Arts and Crafts

1. Online art marketplaces

With everyone and everything on the internet now, these sites can be your best resources for selling arts and crafts. You can connect with buyers at the comfort of your own home or studio. Some of these sites also provide a lot of useful tools and features to really grow your creative business.

1. Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest online go-to places for unique and creative products. From handmade to upcycled items, innovation and originality shine, making it a perfect place to buy "artsy" and beautiful merchandise for gifts or for yourself.

Artists and craftmakers can easily connect with the Etsy marketplace and this huge global community to find sources of inspiration and a client base with almost 30 million active buyers all over the world.

Setting up your own Etsy seller account is easy and free; however, Etsy charges $0.20 for each listing and takes a 3.5% cut for each item sold. Even with these fees, a lot of sellers are making thousands to millions each year on the site.


2. eBay

Though eBay isn't really considered an art site, it's still a great place to list your art pieces as there is a market on the site for collectors and buyers. eBay also gives you the option of putting up your item for auction or selling it at a fixed price.

Signing up as a seller on eBay is free, and you can also list up to 50 items for free with a 10% fee for each item sold on the standard account. You can also set up your own eBay store for varying prices and perks. is a great place to get your art printed on different kinds of merchandise such as t-shirts, canvas, mugs, phone cases, and more. They have also partnered with major entertainment properties, making it possible to also sell fan art for certain brands.

One of the best things about using is that you no longer need to spend on materials to print on different mediums for sale as they take care of that for you,


Much like CafePress, Zazzle allows you to create products without the upfront costs of production and distribution. They also provide countless of mediums for printing from clothing to accessories to prints and more. You can also set your own royalty rates for your sales.


If you have an interesting or unique product that you can reproduce at the same quality, consider submitting it to UncommonGoods. They take pride in selling exceptional items from various designers and artisans from all over the world. They review each submission based on their standards, and if you pass, they will sell your product on their online store and do most of the work while you get a cut from the earnings.


RedBubble is another company that helps you create merchandise with your art on it without paying for production and distribution costs. You can have your design printed on shirts, stickers, posters, and more. All you have to do is upload your artwork, choose the product layout, and set the profit margin. RedBubble will take care of the rest - printing, delivery, etc.


If you specialize in one-of-a-kind handmade products, you can now sell your crafty creations on one of the biggest online marketplaces through Handmade at Amazon. You will need to apply to be part of the program and pay a percentage of your sales to Amazon. is a great marketplace and online community for artists, photographers and galleries. You can sell prints of your images or artworks on different mediums, and even have them be sold at 150+ retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. The site also provides other cool features that artists would want to check out,


Join this photo community to share and sell your stunning images. Just set up a free or paid store account to sell on the marketplace.


You can sign up at Spreadshirt for free and choose to sell on their Marketplace or open your own custom shop. They provide a handy tool for you to estimate your earnings, so that you can set your prices accordingly. You can have your artwork printed on shirts and more with no minimum orders.


Sell original pieces or prints through Saatchi Art and earn 70% of the sales. They curate, market, and ship your artwork all over the globe. You can also network with fellow artists through the site.


Society6 is another site where you can sell prints of your artwork as framed pieces, clothing, accessories, home products and more. Society6 provides the base price for each type of product and you will just need to set your profit margin.


ArtFire provides paid services to list your products or create your own shop with efficient and convenient ways. You can use ArtFire to sell crafts, jewelry, art, and more.


Threadless has two options to make money through their site. You can either create an Artist Shop where you can sell prints of your art on various products such as shirts, or you can also join the Design Challenges where you can get a chance to win thousands of dollars, royalties on sales, and other prizes.


You can sell your art printed on merchandise at Design by Humans for a set profit, but you will need to apply to be a DBH artists first. Like Threadless, they also have design contents where you can win cash and other prizes.


You can sell your products on UK's #1 curated online marketplace, but with a joining fee and commission percentage. The good thing about joining notonthehighstreet,com is that they market your products and help you grow your business.


Unlike other sites that sell your art on t-shirts, TeeSpring helps you profit through creating a campaign where you can set a goal for the number of units you need to sell before printing starts. However, this model will require you to market the campaign. Additionally, TeeSpring will provide a base price for the shirts and design, and you can set the profit margin on top of that. Upon reaching the campaign goal, TeeSpring will then produce and deliver the shirts and lastly send you the payment.


Design a shirt and sell it through Skreened where you can set your own commission and they'll take care of printing, delivery, and customer service. They also provide tips on how you can reach your target market. One of the best things about them is that they give parts of their profits to charity and they strive to utilize environmentally friendly production systems.


19. Fab

Fab is a company that celebrates design and is open to submissions from artists, designers or manufacturers to add to their vast collection of special products. You just need to apply to be one of their partners.


Subscription boxes have become a popular trend, and you can create your own with the help of Cratejoy. They will provide you with the tools you need to create a website, manage customers, and more. It's worth noting that Cratejoy is not limited to artwork and crafts.


Casetify is a company that focuses on bringing great design to tech cases so you can get your artwork on phones, tablets, laptops and more. You can join their community of artists, and you get paid for each case sold.


​​22. Imagekind

Imagekind helps you sell prints of your artworks or photographs with high-quality printing and framing options for wall decor applications. They offer free and paid accounts with different perks for each tier. With, you keep most of the profits on sales and earn commissions when your customers opt for framing.


23. Vida

You can become a Vida designer by submitting a digital copy of any artwork, photograph, etc., and they produce and deliver the items as soon as they're sold. Earnings amount to 10% of net sales for all items sold with your design on it.


If you showcase eco friendly and handmade crafts, Hyena Cart may be one online platform you can consider. There is a monthly subscription and one-time setup fee, but you can list an unlimited number of items, which you can either auction or sell at a fixed price. You can either set up your own shop or get featured in the shared marketplace.


Gumroad provides a very useful platform for creators to display their work and sell their creations. They provide different options for you to to make money from your art and make it easy for your customers to purchase. You can also use the integrated analytics to study your progress.


26. Vango Get your art on people's walls with Vango. This site is recommended for talented artists, especially the new ones. They make it almost effortless for you to sell your art with their easy-to-use features and interface, and they will also take care of the business end so that you can focus on creating.


Daily Paintworks provides a platform to display and sell art. You can create your own website and store, auction your pieces, and join contests and challenges, among other features you can check out on their site.


Join an artist community at Artfinder, and sell original pieces of art. Your artworks can be sold internationally through your own Artfinder hosted store with integrated payment methods.


You can apply and retail your creations at Wolf & Badger where they feature a multitude of independent designers and brands and sell products online and at their local stores. One thing to note is that this is a UK-based company.


Supermarket offers a well-curated line of designer products. If you think that your creations fit their brand image, consider applying to sell your work at their store. They will help you sell and only take a percentage from any sale you make.


Dawanda offers you a place to sell your one-of-a-kind creations made with love. You can also sell a list of other special or vintage items here, and they provide tips to help you grow your business.


Made It Myself is your online craft fair where you can display and sell any of your handmade creations and customers can browse and sometimes negotiate prices. You can list for free and only have to pay for sales commissions.


This gift shop offers unique, handmade products, and you can sell your crafts on their marketplace for a setup fee and monthly subscription fee.


34. Folksy

Based in the UK, Folksy is another online store that focuses on selling items from designers and craft makers. They provide the support and systems needed for your online business.


​​35. AbsoluteArts

AbsoluteArts is a popular website for artists as you can create your own portfolio alongside your shop to feature your artworks. There are different membership levels and perks for artists.


GalleryToday functions as an online gallery for artists to sell original paintings or other pieces of work, and they help bring the clients to you.


37. Zibbet

To sell arts and crafts creations and supplies, you only need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to Zibbet, and you can list and sell numerous products for free. They even provide you with your own shop while showing your pieces on their marketplace too. You can even copy your Etsy listings into Zibbet. They also provide other tools to help you turn your business into a success.


DeviantArt is a popular site for graphic artists and functions mainly as a gallery and community, but artists can also sell their art here and even open up for commission work. You can gain a following from the community users and interact with them.


39. Crated

Create your own online gallery with Crated, and sell your artworks online. They also provide high quality printing services to ensure your art shines. They also provide a list of other perks for using their services.


Though not specifically an art site, Craigslist is still one of the most popular online marketplaces to sell various kinds of items, and you can list all your pieces for free.

2. Your Own Online Store

If selling your art on someone else's website isn't that interesting to you, you can also build your own online store using one of the many e-commerce platforms.

3. Auction Houses and Websites

If you are an established artists or if you own antiques or prized pieces of work, you can consider putting up your items up for auction to get the best bids possible and maximize your profits.

1. eBay

Few can argue the fact that eBay may possibly be the most popular auctioning site in the world. Despite the variety of items being sold, it still continues to hold a large market for art sellers and collectors. Catalogued items are sure to receive heavy online foot traffic, and can either be auctioned off or sold immediately with a set price.


artnet guarantees a complete online auctioning experience for modern and contemporary art sellers, with millions of site visitors each month and useful tools and features. They showcase curated pieces that buyers can bid on 24/7. You can register an account online to auction off your artworks, and artnet will help and advise you to make the most out of the experience for a small commission.


Providing its clients with unbiased and comprehensive information, Heritage Auctions fosters a profitable and transparent auctioning environment preferable both for novice and experts alike. Interested crafters can look forward to an experience with Heritage that can only be described as a relationship built on trust, integrity, and efficiency. Application for consignment is easy. Just head over to their website, fill out the application form, and a Heritage Expert will get back to you for assistance.


If you're looking for a fresher take on online auctioning, Invaluable may be the site for you! Employing a younger and more user-friendly design, Invaluable lets you navigate around easily providing a smooth and natural experience for its clients. But don't let the hip new look fool you! Invaluable has been building its database and system since 1989, growing an impressive market for artists to sell their crafts.


Sotheby's doesn't only provide a platform for you to auction your items, but it also goes the extra mile by taking the time to guide you step by step. From deciding whether or not to sell your property, to watching the auction and receiving payment, Sotheby's is ready to walk you through the process. They also boast a new standard of accessibility by allowing you to manage your artworks from any device.


With 54 offices in 32 countries, Christie's global presence will make sure that your artworks go far. Recognizing its role as cultural stewards of a large variety of objects, Christie's is a passion-driven service committed to providing the necessary expertise for you to effectively auction off your art. Applications for auction estimates and consignment can be done online, while you can also meet with a specialist or visit a salesroom near you.


Live Auctioneers stands out as it gives artists the opportunity to become live auctioneers themselves. Upon availing of their services, you can pay to either conduct live or online auctions. The company also provides exclusive PR Services for its clients, guaranteeing that your auction gets the publicity it needs. With bidders in 181 countries, an enormous market awaits your artworks at Live Auctioneers!


Enjoy a simple and straightforward way of selling your crafts at Paddle8! Auction estimates come free with no obligation to consign, and consignment comes with returns that reach up to 92%. You also don't have to worry about any technical mishaps as your artworks only ship when they sell.


Tophatter is an online auction site with a high and rapid selling rate. Though the site features a whole array of products and is more focused on online shopping, this site can still be something worth noting for artists and crafters.


For fine art, antique or collectible pieces, you can consign your items at iGavel Auctions where they display pieces on their online catalog or at their New York City venue. Most of the bidding happens online though, reaching thousands of worldwide buyers.


With low commission rates, make the most out of consigning your fine art at Shannon's. You can easily ask for price estimates online, and your artworks can be auctioned off at their gallery or online.


Have your pieces evaluated by experts for free through Auctionata before opting to consign with them. Reach a global audience through their online auctions.


Run by art lovers, artFido houses a huge collection of paintings, prints, and more. You can sell your art or auction them off. With a user friendly interface, you can list your items in a matter of minutes, and even get promoted by artFido.

4. Art and Craft Fairs

Attending and selling at art and craft fairs would be a great opportunity to network with buyers and fellow artists, as well as to put a face to your name or brand if you are an artist. This would also be a good place to sell other collectibles if you own any.

Here are three great art fairs you can consider joining with numerous locations for each one, and below are more resources to help you find others near you.

The Renegade Craft Fair celebrates handmade and beautifully crafted products, with fairs attracting more than 300,000 visitors each year and being held in numerous cities such as Chicago, Denver, New York, San Francisco. Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Portland and more to come. To ensure outstanding quality, makers must apply and pass through RCF's jury criteria.


Giving birth to the Maker Movement, the Maker Faire not only features crafters and artists, but also inventors, educators, hobbyists, and so much more. If you can create innovative and fascinating objects, whether you are young or old, you can showcase at the Maker Faire, where hundreds of thousands of curious visitors come together. Originating in the Bay Area, the Maker Faire has expanded to New York and other cites and countries such as Tokyo, Rome and more to bring together DIY enthusiasts from all over the world.


Established in 1975, Sugarloaf prides itself in displaying high quality and unique contemporary crafts and fine art from the best artists, makers, and more. With eleven annual shows in major cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore, there are many options to attend Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. You can easily apply on their site to be part of their festivals, but must undergo the jury process before participating.

Find Local Art and Craft Fairs

To locate the most accessible fairs near you, you can join Facebook groups or use sites like the following:

A community for artists to share and learn about art fairs.

One of the biggest online art fair communities with forums, blog posts, and more to learn about the best local art fairs.

A free-to-use website for artists to apply to numerous art fairs and upload high quality images for jury reviews.

A place to post your art pieces for jurors to view and review to make show applications easier.

A list of highly rated art fairs arranged by date. This list is created every year.

Tips on How to Sell at Art and Craft Fairs

5. Galleries, boutiques, and other retailers

Getting your art into galleries can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Here's an article to help you out:

Promote Your Arts and Crafts

This goes without saying, so here are some actionable tips on getting your creations out into the world.

Take Great Photos

One of the success stories listed near the start of this post mentioned the importance of photography in selling your products. Things that look good are more enticing to buy. Easy, right? Here are a few tutorials that you can consult to improve the quality of your photographs.

Free Photography Video Lessons

This is another popular free tutorial on Udemy. This course is for intermediate photographers who want to go the extra mile. Length: 1 hour.

Paid Photography Video Lessons

If you're willing to pay for your lessons, you can also enroll in the following courses:

This is a weekly video instructional course hosted by award-winning photographer Ben Long. The videos also come with a transcript if you'd rather learn by reading. Cost: you can access this course and unlimited others offered by Lynda by joining the site for $29.99 per month (annual plan) or $34.99 per month (monthly plan). Length: 18 hours.

A comprehensive photography course on Udemy that teaches you how to take professional images and sell them for profit. Designed for both beginners and advanced photographers. Cost: $18. Length: 15.5 hours.

113 HD video lessons from award-winning photographer John Greengo that cover both technical basics of the camera and, more importantly, how to bring your creative vision to fruition. Cost: $139. Length: 40+ hours.

Study Analytics

One method of promoting your business is to actively play into what people search online.

This is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports web traffic. Also check out The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics. It can help you get started taking advantage of Google Analytics. For further questions, you can also visit Google's Analytics Training and Support page.


This service can you help you sort through data and get all the advantages you can from them. You can also sign up for demo to see if they'll work well with you.

Utilize SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media provide some of the best ways of getting your name out there, and I have written about the best resources for these:

More Resources on Selling Your Arts and Crafts

Here are some more resources to help you build your craft business:


Get my proven system to building a business that will last:

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