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3-Part Video Course: Blueprint To Build A Sustainable Business (Part 3)

This is the final part of my 3-part video course Blueprint To Build A Sustainable Business. In Part 1 and Part 2, I revealed the 7 vital factors in building a long-term business, and shared the first three of the 8 time-tested business models and product ideas that are easy and inexpensive to implement. I also shared how Jeremy Ram from South Africa, one of my coaching clients, became a multimillionaire in his country in just one year. If you haven't watched Part 1 or Part 2, I highly recommend you do that first before watching this video.

Today I will address the rest of the 5 business models and product ideas. At the end of the video, I have an amazing offer that you are going to LOVE. So keep watching!

Table of Contents

This video is 44 minutes long, and covers the following topics:

  • 00:00: Welcome back to Part 3; Tony's email; Why this video course is for you; course overview and Part 3 overview.

  • 03:03: 4th business model - Selling physical products (artwork, crafts, designs, etc.); 5 places to sell your artwork and crafts; 5 tips to promote your art.

  • 09:56: 5th product idea - Time.

  • 11:10: 6th business model - Content Creation; 5 major content types

- 11:24: Blogs

- 13:27: Photos (Instagram, Pinterest, and royalties)

- 15:00: Podcasts

- 20:17: Tweets (Twitter)

- 23:31: Videos (YouTube)

  • 27:06: 7th business model - Affiliate Marketing; 5 secrets to building a long-term, profitable affiliate marketing business.

  • 33:21: 8th business model: E-Commerce; 7 proven steps to build a successful long-term e-commerce business.

  • 41:16: Answer your questions: (1) How much time do I need to build a long-term business? (2) How much money do I need to build a long-term business?

  • 42:22: Nick Chou's Amazing Offer (DO NOT miss this!)

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Time for Some Serious Learning

This 44-minute long video has tons of information. So please reserve at least one hour of quiet time for it. In addition, there are hundred of useful books, tools and resources mentioned in the course. Definitely check them out.

Let's go and start building a long-term business!

Links Mentioned in This Video

Thank you for watching and see you in 2 days!



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