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Best PPC Tracking Software

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic. PPC works when advertisers pay a small fee each time their advertisement is clicked on a particular webpage. It is a great way of generating traffic and acquiring visits to your website. It’s also a great way of using other websites to drive more users into your own. In any marketing campaign, one of the best ways to improve your business is to learn about your customers. Essentially, that is what PPC tracking allows marketers to do. It provides information and gives analysis on the users that have actually shown interest in your website. That's one of the reasons why PCC tracking can be advantageous for marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of your options for PPC tracking software:

Voluum is a popular tracking platform that many internet marketers use. Voluum is a web-based tracking software that can gather data and analytics from PCC clicks and several from URLs that are associated with your marketing campaigns. The software can be used to analyze and collect data of up to 100,000 clicks per month free of charge. Not only does it offer online marketing tracking, but the software also provides tracking for websites visited by mobile devices. While the free account is very useful for smaller marketing campaigns, users can upgrade to a paid package and get data and analysis to up to 30,000,000 clicks a month.


Basic Free Account to up to $999/month

CPV Lab is another very popular ad tracking software for online marketing and advertising campaigns. CPVlab is a PHP-based self-hosted tracking platform. It allows users to track and optimize all aspects of their campaign including PPC clicks, campaign analytics, organic traffic data, data points, and other integral metrics. It is one of the best PPC tracking solutions available in the market. Not only is it easy to use, but it also integrates well with other 3rd-party tracking and management services. CPV lab also features a built-in dashboard that provides reports, statistics, metrics, ad management analytics, and other creatives. Despite being self-hosted, the service is significantly more expensive than other free soft-hosted tracking services. The requirements for the download include PHP version 5.3 or higher, MySQL version 501 or higher, and IonCube Loaders 4.4 or higher.


$297 to download

$147/year maintenance and updates

Prosper202 Pro is one of the most popular and convenient apps that track and optimize all your marketing projects, including all PPC campaigns. The app provides clients with digital marketing software and an on-premise marketing dashboard for tracking, optimizing, and scaling digital marketing campaigns. This can be set up for all sizes of campaigns, from small AB test campaigns, to online blanket campaigns. Prosper202 is a self hosting tracking service that can be installed on your host site or server. The software features several tutorials to help new users get used to the program and its features. Prosper202 requires a server that must have PHP version 5.3 or higher and MySQL version 5.5 or higher. While the free version of Prosper202 isn’t available any more, the company still offers the paid version: Prosper202 Pro.

ClickMagcik offers an internet marketing software solution that allows users to track PPC, clicks, server ads, and manage PPC campaigns, affiliate links, split testing ads, geo-targeting, and mobile filtering. The software is compatible with other 3rd party marketing services such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords, and Bing Ads. ClickMagick also offers a ‘Tracking Guide’ as a tutorial on how to use their tracking software to track information and statistics from PPC and various other marketing campaigns. This guide includes tutorials for PPC keyword tracking, tracking pixels, postback URLs, and Sub IDs, and many more.


Free for the first 14 days

Starter Plan – $12 / month up to 10,000 clicks/month

Standard Plan – $33 / month up to 100,000 clicks/month

Pro Plan – $66 / month up to 500,000 clicks/month

iMobiTrax is a tracking software solution that provides traffic tracking and analysis of several aspects such as conversions, PPC, clicks, and campaign data. The data that it tracks narrows down to the specifics of each click such as the device the traffic is coming from, what OS that device is using, the model name of the device, the ISP, and even the zip code and country. The application also features redirect speed optimization, landing page, direct and path split testing, and other multiple post-click redirection tracking. iMobiTrax is a self hosted application that you can install on a server. The application requires a VPS account with PHP 5.3 or higher, and a server with MySQL and ionCube Loader installed.


$99 one-time fee

$179/month for updates

ClickMeter is the one of the best traffic and PPC tracking software solutions if your marketing campaign is comprehensive and widespread. The software is able to track data from various sources at the same time including blog posts, mobile ads, social media, YouTube, PPC ads, and banner ads. ClickMeter is made for those who are just starting out and want to get a blanket-tracker that is able to provide data and metrics on all online PPC and traffic activity. The service is very user friendly and marketers can avail of a free account so they can take it out for a spin before investing in the bigger packages and its additional features.


Free account to $349/month

LinkTrackr is another popular web based tracking software for online marketers. The service is capable of handling marketing tracking for large traffic needs. Aside from the built-in dashboard and control panel, which allows users to track and analyze data and metrics (such as PPC), it also offers integration for analysis on every aspect of a user’s marketing campaign such as in sales and conversions, split testing, external pixel tracking, custom HTML, blogs, and social media. This data can also be displayed in real-time, making your marketing campaign interactive and constantly updated.


Basic Plan – $9/month

Extreme Plan – $69/month

Whichever software you decide is best for you and your marketing campaign, it is still important to remember that these PPC tracking software solutions are here to help you better understand your PPC campaigns. These software solutions help you to tweak and reshape campaigns to produce better results. PPC tracking is an important tool that can help you learn more about your marketing campaign so you can move forward and build better and more efficient campaign runs in the future.


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